Types Of Music In Spanish

There are many types of music in Spanish and we may listen to them in a daily basis but we do not notice that such types of music exist because we are so used to listening to them and then, there are other types of music in Spanish too. This adds diversity to the music we are listening to and in some cases English and Spanish may be thrown in together to make certain kinds of music as well.

One of the more types of music in Spanish is Basque music. This is usually based on the tambourine and accordion. Usually there are two performers where these types of music in Spanish are concerned. There are dances with sticks and swords that are displayed by people in other countries where such music is played and their movement is in accordance with the music being played. A double clarinet, tabor pipe and galoubet are used where such music is concerned. Another of the various types of music in Spanish is the sardana. These are usually played by a cobla and you would usually see most people using sticks when dancing to such music. Nowadays you will come across Rock Catalia which is another type of sardana music that is quite popular.

Pop music was never given the chance to flourish to the extent that it could have flourished to due to the regime of Francisco Franco. Many weren’t allowed to be involved in these types of music under Franco’s regime and it was due to the restrictions that were placed upon the people of Spain that the music industry was seriously affected. Nowadays you will see that in the US many Spanish singers and artist sing alongside US singers and artists. However, pop music was never allowed to grow to greater extent in Spain.

Jota is another of the various types of music in Spanish. You will come across such music in the Canary Islands and a certain type of guitar known as the charango is used to play such music. Such types of music in Spanish reflect the fact that Spain’s music is greatly influenced by Latin America music as well. The music of Valencia is another of the many types of music in Spanish and it has its roots in Jota music. The Al Tall is a band that is well-known and popular for its efforts to revitalize the music of Valencia and it has successfully done so to a great extent.

You would come across various types of music in Spanish and you would frequently see interesting performances to such music. Spanish music is quite exciting and lively. It is also very original but the country has seen a lot of restrictions in the past due to which certain types of music were never allowed or able to grow beyond a certain point. Though these are some types of music you would come across in Spain there are many others and all of them are very lively and such that one could dance to them.