Types Of Music Genres And Examples

Understanding the many types of music genres and examples will give anyone a good idea of how they can appreciate music more. You see, music is not all about the tone and tempos. Getting to know the types of music genres and examples is important too in order to be able to make the most out of them.

Types of music genres and examples: Rock

The rock genre is known to have come from the combination of country and blues. They are known to have been mixed with the jazz genre to. To be able to identify rock music, you will notice the use of snare drums extensively. This being said, it can be really easy to tell rock apart from the other music genres. Examples of rock performers include Metallica, Korn, and The Rolling Stones among others.

Types of music genres and examples: Jazz

The jazz music genre is known as classic blues. You see, the jazz kinds of music are based on blues but there have been lots of improvisations that took place. There are different kinds of rhythms too that are included in these kinds of music. Examples of famous performers of the jazz genre include Frank Sinatra, Sonny Rollins, and Louis Armstrong among others.

Types of music genres and examples: Western Classical

Among all the other music genres, these are the ones known as the oldest. There are different melodies that are present here as well as there are different forms and instruments used. There are different categories for which the western classical music can fall into as well. This includes medieval, classical, modern, and many others. Forms can either be symphony, concerto, sonata, oratorio, cantata, and many others. Examples of popular composers of western classical music include Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart among others.

Types of music genres and examples: Blues

Blues is a genre that originated from the work songs of the African American people. It is defined as music that has simple tune where lyrics are sung simply too. When blues was first introduced to us, music of this genre is played unplugged. But from the birth of the electric guitar and other electric musical instruments blues was revolutionized into a far more special genre. Examples of famous blues performers include Robert Johnson, B.B. King, and many others.

Types of music genres and examples: Country

The country genre originated from the folk songs of the southern USA. These are music primarily played by string instruments and harmonica. As per the music, tempos, and tunes, country is similar to blues. The main difference lies on the instruments and their musical arrangement as well. Examples of country music include Elvis Presley, Jimmie Rodgers, Garth Brooks, and many others.

There are actually more kinds of music genres and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. R&B, or rhythm and blues, is one of the music genres common today. Hip hop music too is very much in demand as well as electronic music.