Types Of Music From Mexico

There are different types of music from Mexico Just like in every other reach cultures and traditions. The history of music in Mexico can be traced back to the times of the Aztecs. The distinct and diverse geographical setting of the people of Mexico is the reason why the country has an array of different music types with distinguishable regional characteristics. Birthdays, funerals, and weddings are some of the few events that different types of music from Mexico are played to reveal thoughts, tell stories, and draw out feelings of Mexican musical fans and artists. Below are some of the most popular brands of music in Mexico.


This is a country music that has been featured in several Mexican movies, making them widely known in Latin America. There are different themes of types of music from Mexico which vary between nature, patriotism and love, all cued from the daily lives of Mexican farmers. The ranchero rhythm is based on bolero, polka, or waltz. It has a standardized form which involves an introduction, refrain in the middle with verse, and an instrumental conclusion.

Mexican Son

These types of music from Mexico began in the early 18th century with good resemblance to the Cuban son. There are different styles of the Mexican son which can change from region to region. These regional variations began to be noticeable with the influence of Creole, African, and Cuban Mexicans who migrated to the land and brought some of their cultures with them. There were about 10 popular songs in this category during the 1930s but the most popular was mariachi. It is a participatory kind of music where artists and audience are expected to stomp their feet in a counter rhythm motion when the music is played by a life band.


This is the folk music of the Mexican people and is one of the most common types of music from Mexico. The meanings attached to mariachi music are numerous because it is a mix of several cultures and traditional practices. They have different dance and styles like fandango and waltz which originated from Europe and some parts of Africa.

The most basic mariachi band is composed of a guitarron, one guitar, one vihuela, two trumpet, and eight violins. Any good band should be conversant with different types of songs that are played for different popurses.


These types of music from Mexico are always centered on love with complex melody. As a love ballad, the rhythm is always simple and slow. The music originated from Cuba but the Mexican people embraced the style of music and today it has become a very popular style of music in Mexico. Bolero has a striking resemblance to the Yucatan Peninsula son music.


This is one of the latest types of music from Mexico and was developed to talk about betrayals, crimes, battles, exploits, and heroics in the Mexican revolution. It takes an epic ballad format and can be performed by one guitarist or by several assembles. There are regional differences of the Corrido and they are performed according to the current situation of things. This is why most topic on Corrido is no longer based on heroics of the Mexican Revolution but on current happenings such as immigration, politics, drug and human trafficking.