Types Of Music Fans

Have you ever considered what types of music fans are there? If not, take a moment and do so now.

The answer seems rather obvious: the number of the various types of music fans is equal to the types of music there are. And you are absolutely right! One can legitimately claim that is a blues fan, a jazz fan, a classical music or an opera fan, a country music fan, a rap fan, a reggae fan, a soul fan, a fan of rock, a fan of heavy metal, or even a bollywood fan. Here is a fan fact for you: did you know that each of those types of music fans, exhibit certain personality traits that come with the kind of music they prefer. As surprising as it may sound, this is not some kind of mystical jibber jabber; it is in fact what modern research suggests based on scientific evidence. More specifically, blues fans, are people who tend to be outgoing and kind, and they also seem to have a high self-esteem. Jazz fans, too, have a high self-esteem and are outgoing, the difference being that they tend to be very creative (at least compared to blues fans); which is pretty much the case for soul fans too. Classical music and opera types of music fans, on the other hand, don’t just have a high self-esteem; in many cases, there are self-confident up to the point of arrogance. They are also very creative, but in their case instead of being outgoing, they are especially introvert. Rap fans and reggae fans, are both outgoing and they are mostly perceived by other as easy going, plus they both seem to have a distaste for hard work. In terms of that last part country fans are exactly the opposite. Although they are outgoing, they just love a hard day’s work. As for the last of the types of music fans mentioned above, rock and heavy metal fans are people with an intriguing personality: they do not enjoy hard work, but they are creative; they are gentle with others but they are definitely not outgoing; and above all, they have a low self-esteem.

The truth is that music is a powerful means that can have a great impact on someone’s psychological make-up and bring to the foreground various traits and feelings that are dormant within a person. It is also true, however, that the act of choosing what kind of music fan you are going to be is a conscious act, one that is clearly affected by certain personality traits you possess (and are probably aware of it also). So, although listening to some reggae music might help you loosen up, don’t expect to become a reggae fan simply because you do not enjoy hard work; or the fact that classical music makes you feel a bit introvert, does not mean that being introvert will definitely make you a classical music fan. In other words, the type of music you choose and the way you respond to it on a psychological level is a bidirectional process; it is never one causing the other, but rather both of them causing each other.