Types Of Music Degrees

Many art colleges and universities offer different types of music degrees. While some of the programs are created to prepare students to become, music producers, composers, or teachers, others train students to become performers. There are so many of these types of music degrees which include musical engineering, instrumental or vocal performance, and musical theory. There are equally different types of music degrees ranging from Bachelor of Arts and doctorate degrees.

Bachelor of Music (B.M)

This is the most offered of all types of music degrees in colleges and universities. A typical B.M usually lasts for 4 years which can be combined with different majors, including music technology, church music, music production, jazz studies, theory, history, composition, and performance. The three basic areas of study for this program are usually in performance, history, and music theory.

Bachelor of Arts in Music (B.A)

This is also a four year program that combines music courses with recommended core art courses in the university. These types of music degrees include categories in music administration and music business. There are equally other types of music degrees in the undergraduate level including B.M.E. (Bachelor of Music education) which awards teacher certification in music. The B.S. (Bachelor of Science) combines science coursework with music coursework which allows students to develop their interests and talents in music while still preparing for a career in science field.

There are also different types of music degrees at the master’s level for those who want to proceed in their musical studies. They include Master of Arts, Master of Music Education, and Master of music degrees.

Doctoral Degrees

This is the highest level of all types of music degrees. An individual who wants to pursue a doctorate program in music can opt for a D.M.A (Doctor of Musical Arts) or a PhD in music. To become a musical professor in any university or college, you must attain one of these types of music degrees at the doctorate level.

Specializations of the different types of music degrees

Musical Theory Degrees: These types of music degrees allow students to learn different kinds of music such as baroque, classical music, and jazz. The typical class of this sort comprises the teachings of elements of music and composition process which are grouped into categories. Apart from the techniques of composition in music, students studying this form of music are also taught the history of music. Basically, they learn about the careers and lives of different renowned music composers and their contributions towards the development of different music styles.

Vocational Music degree programs are designed to prepare students to become instrumentalists or professional vocalists. Most people who enroll in this kind of program are either individuals who are good at playing a certain musical instrument or talented singers. Majority of the coursework require individuals to receive personal trainings from instrumentalists or experienced music tutors. Holders of these types of music degrees either work as orchestra performers or employed as opera singers.

Some other types of music degrees are designed specifically to prepare students as music producers rather than performers or composers.