Types Of Music And Examples

There are different types of music and examples which are equally known as music genres. They can equally be classified based on their geographical origins, which can include several genres. Below are the different types of music and examples based on the style of music adopted.

Types of Music and Examples – CLASSICAL MUSIC

These are specifically used to address a number of related music genres. It refers to the western art music which was predominant in the classical period. It may equally be used to denote other non western cultures such as Chinese classical music or Indian classical music. When describing classical music in the western perspective, it can refer to a type of music genre that is performed and composed artists that are professionally trained.

Types of Music and examples – RHYTHM AND BLUES

This is generally used to describe popular black music that was not blues or jazz but a little bit lightweight. Doo-wop is a notable sub-genre in this category that emphasizes polyphonic singing. R&B was later to become the most common music genres with groups such as surf rock, garage rock, and girl group gaining prominence in the United States. But British musicians that are more blues oriented sprang up and developed into skiffle, merserbeat, and British blues.

Types Of Music And Examples-ROCK

This may mean all famous music that was recorded from the 1950s. It was originally called rock & roll, which began towards the end of 1940. This type of music was made popular by performers such as Elvis Presley, The Huberettes, and Bill Haley. Elvis Presley mixed the rock tune with country music which resulted to rockabilly.

Types of Music and Examples – Country Music

Today, country music is what is known as honky tonk. It has its root from the 1930s in the US and was influenced by jug bands and blues. But at mid-1950s, country became widely known as it adds some rock and roll elements, which became known as rockabilly. In the following decade, another refined form known as Nashville emerged. This led to the emergence of gritty musicians in Bakersfield as they introduced what became known as the Bakersfield sound. As Nashville began springing out countrypolitan, Merle Haggard and other artists were known for introducing the Bakersfield sound and making it popular in the 1960s.

Types of Music and Examples-Electronic Music

This began when the synthesizer was introduced. The electronic music is further devided into several categories, which include electronic, ambient, new age, space, and electronic dance music. Wendy Carlos was among the first artists to make the synthesizer very popular. The new age music is always a pointer and it provides backing for the new age.

Types of Music and Examples-Electronic Dance Music

Though a lot of musicians in the 50s produced electronic music with structures of pop music, the type of electronic dance music that are common today actually began with Giogio Moroder’s ‘Here to Eternity’ released in 1977. Today, electronic dance music has several subgenres, including trance music, big beat, house music, Goa trance, and techno music.