Types Of Music Affects

There are numerous types of music affects. These effects can be analog or digital and change the output of a specific musical instrument. The music affects are often used in recording situations or in a live program. They can be subtle or extreme. The best example is the stomp boxes utilized by electric guitarists. Electronic music utilizes the maximum of music affects. There is a possibility to create new soul expresses that enhance the listening capacity of the listener. Continue to read ahead as we provide information related to different types of music affects existing in the modern world.

1. Dynamic effect

Dynamic effect or amplitude effect modifies the volume of an instrument. A dynamic effect consists of compressors, limiters and noise gates. A compressor increases the signal of the volume. A limiter uses the limit of the volume. The noise gate eliminates artifacts such as vocal pops, hum and hiss. Compressors are the most widely utilized types of music affects in commercial music.

2. Distortion

Distortion effect is useful in creating harmonic and in-harmonic sound by altering the audio signal. The editor utilizes the distortion effect by changing the waveform that overtones each color of the sound. The effect is very useful in rock music and is currently widely used in electronic/dance genre. The signals and cut through a mix and bring warmth to a tone.

3. Timebased effect

In a time-based effect, the editor has the capability to alter the timing of the audio signal. With the help of this time-based effect, there is a possibility to create long and short bursts of volume. It is widely used types of music affects in the electronic/dance music genre, which liberally use short and long delays to create a new output of tone.

4. Filter effects

With the use of filter effects, and audio editor is in a position to alter the frequency of audio signals. With the help of filter effect, it is possible to achieve a cut or a boost in the frequency of a specific tone in an audio signal. Popular filter effects include Wah Wah pedal, equalizers, low-pass and high-pass filters. They are widely used in sound recording unit where there is a possibility to use an appropriate filter to enhance the output of a specific song.

5. Modulation effect

Modulation effects are known for their unique tonal properties. They alter or multiply the audio signal. The most widely used types of music effects in modulation effect are the carrier wave. The carrier wave is part of the modulation effect and changes the output of the audio signal. The modulation effect multiplies the audio signal and creates a set of different versions. There is a possibility for the audio editor utilise all these versions to create a unique tone. Modulation effects include chorus, ring modulator, vibrato, phaser, tremolo and flanger.

Numerous types of music affects bring out new tone to a specific audio signal. Post processing of an audio signal makes it easy for the editor to add, multiply or subtract the effects to create a perfect outcome of an audio signal.