Types Of Mulch

Learn about the various types of mulch. The land has a tendency to be effected by weeds which makes it unproductive. To protect it from effecting by the weeds and make the land more fertile for the best productivity, generally Mulch is applied on the soil’s surface. The mulch is mostly inorganic, but on the other hand, there are some of the types of mulch that are organic in nature as well. There are several types of mulch that are used for different purposes in different plants. Some of the highly used types of mulch are discussed below:

Wood Chips Mulch:

This is one of the types of mulch that are considered to be collected as wooden good by-product. These types of mulch protect the soil from weed; prevent the weed from growing if any and preserving the moisture of the soil. It is generally used on the base of the plants, trees or shrubs to protect their roots from getting effected by several diseases.

Grass Clippings Mulch:

This is among those types of mulch which are normally collected from mowed lawns. Grass clippings are used in dried or fresh from, and they both have a different purpose. If we talk about the fresh clippings, then it is used to enhance the count of nitrate in the soil as it has heavy amount of nitrate in it. While dried clippings seems to have more benefits as it helps in reducing the quick decomposition and also provides protection to the soil from heat.

Cypress Mulch:

Cypress mulch can be classified among those rare types of mulch that can decorate your garden and can add many colors in it. These types of mulch are widely available in different colors and forms. They help in retaining moisture in the soil, stay for a longer period in the soil, are rich, have their own distinguishing fragrance, they reduce the growth of the weed and also allow water to flow into the soil. Sometimes they have an adverse effect as well, creating problems in the growth of the plant.

Pine Bark Mulch:

These types of mulch are collected from pine trees and timber’s outer layer. Pine Bark mulch has this tendency that they can last for a longer period i.e… One or two years and they help in reducing the decay period of the plant because of its slower decomposition. It has an adverse effect as well; it reduces the pH value of the plant’s soil that is counted as its disadvantage.


Eucalyptus is among those types of mulch which is considered as the best mulch when it comes to retain the pH value of the soil. Apart from it, Eucalyptus also protects the plant from extreme sunlight. It has this characteristic as well that, in sunlight; it changes its color hence making the plant look more beautiful. Eucalyptus also keeps the pests and different insects like termites away from the plant and kill them if they are already present.

Pebbles and Stone Mulch:

These types of mulch are normally used for decorating the plant. They don’t have many benefits as other types of mulch have, but they come in different colors in the market, so that different textures can be given to the plant to enhance its beauty. One of the disadvantages is that these types of mulch are very hard to clean.