Types Of Microscope

What are the different types of microscope? Microscopes are pieces of laboratory equipment that is used to look at microorganisms that are found pretty much everywhere. There are many different types of microscope, and the main of these types are compound light, stereo, digital, pocket, and electron.

The most common types of microscope are the compound light microscopes. These are types of microscopes that uses light and lenses to be able to enlarge whatever it is that is being looked at the microscope. The magnifications of these types of microscope are normally from 10x to 15x. They are usually composed of three to four lenses that can be rotated as they can magnify differently from each other. The maximum magnification capability of these microscopes can reach up to 1000x. These are the type of microscopes that are commonly used by botanist. This is because these are great to use when studying plant cells and bacteria. Also, these types of microscopes are best used in identifying structures of drugs and medicines. Therefore, forensics usually uses this as well.

The stereo microscope are microscopes that are also called dissecting microscopes. They are composed of two paths optical wise. These optical paths are placed in different angles, to allow the images that are viewed to be 3D. These types of microscopes are able to magnify up to 200x. But the general ones can only magnify up to 100x. These are the types of microscope normally used at microsurgery and watch making, due to their 3D capability.

Digital microscopes are types of microscopes that show the most amazing details. They are invented in Japan and use the powers of computers so that the objects that you want to view can be seen. Among all the different types, these are the ones that do not need eye pieces as there are little computer monitors that replace them. Also, the digital microscopes are able to catch moving images. They can also record them in the memory of the computer or send them via emails or other storage devices. These types of microscopes are normally used in schools because they are very easy to use.

The pocket microscopes are those types of microscopes that are commonly available in many places on the market. These are the microscopes that are commonly given as gifts to children and students. They are very handy but they are very durable. This being said, there are many new pocket microscopes that are being sold on the market today. Magnification of these microscopes can range from 25x and reach up to 100x.

Lastly, we have the electron microscope. These are the microscopes that are frequently used today. They are sub-classified into two, the transmission electron microscope (TEM) and the scanning electron microscope (SEM). Both these types are commonly used in many fields of science including chemistry, metallurgy, biology, and gemology. The TEM is used in nanotechnology while the SEM are less powerful ones. They provide very detailed and complete data regarding composition and topology of the materials that are being looked at them.