Types Of Metals

There are different types of metals, each with their own applications in different industries. Their tensile strength and other properties differentiate them from each other, and define their main purposes in construction. Here are some of the common ones.

Aluminum is one of the more popular types of metals for good reason. It is widely used in construction of homes and buildings because of its flexibility and strength. Aluminum roofing is clearly the best choice for most people, as this metal can accommodate paint well. It is also good as a base for any kind of coating that is applied to make the roof more impermeable to water. Aluminum is lauded for its install-it-forget-it trait, which only means that you don’t have to maintain it regularly as long as you installed it properly.

Copper is another one of the types of metals that we see on a daily basis. Copper roofing is not as popular as aluminum roofing nowadays, but it is worth noting that most of the old churches that are still standing in the present time have copper roofs. Its durability makes it one of the better metals out there to use in construction. Copper is also great as a conductor for electricity. This metal can be recycled as it is flexible enough and durable enough to perform well even when recycled for a new purpose.

Steel is one of the metal types that you should know about. There are plenty enough of this around you, like the pipes under your sink and the sink itself. Stainless steel is everywhere. Steel is the most famous of all types of metals because it is used in every kind of infrastructure around. It is versatile, durable and economical. Steel is cheap in comparison to other metals, and countless structures use this metal. Steel is also aesthetically appealing and it is used by artists that want to enhance the architecture of a building without compromising its elegance and beauty. Some artisans also use steel as a medium for creating timeless pieces of art.

Speaking of art, there is a certain group of metals that are widely used for the purpose of creating wearable art. These types of metals are precious for a reason. The resources or reserves of this metal on the planet are rare and few, making the metals very precious. Rare metallic elements like gold, silver and platinum have extremely high economic value. These types of metals are characterized by their high sheen, electrical conductivity and malleability. The most common use for precious metals is coin making, although very few countries are now creating coins made of pure gold or silver for the public.

A special category is reserved for metals used in creating armors and weapons. Bronze and iron are the types of metals that are commonly used to make these. Between the two, more military bases preferred iron over bronze in their armory because the former is a lot more durable than the latter. However, iron needs to be treated and coated properly in order to prevent rusting.