Types Of Metal

What are the different types of metal? Metal are compounds that are characterized by being great conductors of electricity. They are known to be very good conductor of heat as well. There are many different types of metal. These types can be used in different applications. Some are even used in aesthetics, too. Get to know the many different types of metal by reading the article below.

Aluminum is among the most common types of metal. They are widely used in different home applications as they are light weight as well. The raw types of this metal can be quite weak. But after the aluminum is allowed with silicon, the aluminum grows stronger and can then be used in a multitude of things at home and pretty much everywhere else.

Foamed aluminums are basically light aluminums. As the name implies, these are aluminums that are manufactured with foam. This will produce porous types of metal that can resist heat, like the normal aluminum types. The foam is mainly made by mixing aluminum with titanium hydride.

Bismuths are types of metal from the chemical element bismuth. These are characterized by being brittle and heavy. They have tinged pink as well. These types of metal are known to be diamagnetic. Among all the types of metal, these are the ones with the lowest amount of thermal conductivity. The main uses of bismuth are in cosmetics. These are used in replacement of lead, which are reported to have large toxicity levels.

Brasses are yellow types of metal that are mostly used in rifle cartridges, musical instruments, and many others. Brass is actually an alloy that resulted from copper and zinc. Keep in mind that brass that has low zinc contents means that they have better formability. These are also known as brass cartridge.

Bronze are types of metal that are reddish in color. They are mostly used in canons, church bells, bearings, and even sculptures. This is because these metals are known to have great resistance to weather and very durable. For the most part, bronze has copper alloys but some also have tin.

Cadmiums are mostly used in metal plating. They are soft and bluish white in color. They belong in the transition metal group, too. Make sure that you do not get cadmium exposes, though. This is because there have been studies that show that cadmium can cause cancers.

Chromium, or chrome, is used in many different household products. Chromium is also used as an alloy ingredient when making stainless steel. They are used in making decorations and as corrosion protection too.

Gold is the most expensive of the metals. They are used as money for the longest time as they are of very high value. These are gotten from rock grains and can occur as nuggets. Gold is also one of the most common coinage materials. They are known to be malleable and sometimes even ductile. Gold does not react to chemicals, unlike other metals. But it is known to be able to be dissolved in mercury.