Types Of Media Production

Media production refers to the facilities used for motion pictures, television, computer, sounds and other types of media production. Media production usually involves the use of technology to be able to produce mediums of various sorts. Photography, filming, printing, anything related to the internet, sound, etc. are all various types of media production.

The first of the various types of media production is photography. The services of anyone involved in photography are of great value to people who need to get pictures taken after/for an event or happening. Photographers are involved in weddings to take pictures of people, the event itself, foods, the wedding stage and such like and their services are of great use. You know the pictures you see in fashion magazines, wedding magazines, newspapers and such like? All of them are taken, edited, photo-shopped, airbrushed and fixed by photographers so that these are presentable and cater to the market that they seek to target. These guys’ services are valuable because anything and everything related to pictures is controlled and handled by them. Even the pictures of certain products that you may see on social networking websites are taken by people involved in this sort of media production.

Another of the many types of media production is the making of videos. Numerous people with skills in the production of videos are of great use. All types of channels require the services of such people. News channels ask such people to make videos for them so that they can show what is happening in various parts of the world. The videos that you see of what is going on in Hollywood, Afghanistan, Turkey and Egypt (and other sorts of videos) are all recorded by these guys who go to these sites to record the videos that we see on the screen.

Then you’ve got those types of media production that are responsible for making cartoons. Though one would thinking making cartoons is easy but it is not because you have to have the skill of giving life to the characters. This applies to animated movies as well. Making these sorts of movies is not an easy task and you have to have a special set of skills to be able to make such movies properly. Of course, we don’t get to see what goes on behind the screen and appreciate the end product- the cartoons/animated movies/ because they are made so well.

Comics have come a long way too and these are frequently referred to as ‘graphic novels’ because of the graphics used to make the characters. This is because of the types of media production involved in making these comics. They are highly advanced, impressive and making such novels is not the same as taking a few pencils and just coloring inside the lines!

As you can see there are numerous types of media production and every one of them is valuable especially in this age where the internet and technology are so prevalent and important for different purposes.