Types Of Media Effects

The media plays an important role in the world of today and this can be done in different ways and one of these ways is via the use of different types of media effects. There are various types of media effects and each one of them has their own role. These effects are either obvious and can be seen or they are not and they go on behind the scenes and are operated in different ways and via the use of different methods. These are used in subjects such as communication, psychology, sociology and media studies. These effects are used in different ways.

Amongst the types of media effects framing is one of the more popular ones. This involves framing the minds of people to accept something- a concept, an idea, an approach or something of the sort. Though media wasn’t as advanced in the 1930s and 1940s but framing was still used back then to frame the minds of the people by the Germans and other European countries to instill hatred in the people against the ‘opponents’. This method is still used whereby a country is made to look like the bad guy or the villain in a movie, cartoon, show or such like. This doesn’t just involve television- it also involves the use of comics, books, radio, toys and such like.

Another popular of the many types of media effects is ‘new’ media. You know how some people just have the knack of taking a small thing, exaggerating about it and making it sound bigger than it really is? Basically these guys have the knack of making a mountain out of a molehill and that is what many news channels do- they take a small issue which has no relevance to the rest of the world, displays images, pictures and videos regarding the issue and then these are made to look like bigger problems than they really are in order to gain social control. This way they get to manipulate the minds of the masses and make a problem seem like it’s going to have major effects on the rest of the world. Exaggeration is the name of the game in these cases and that is how these types of media effects work in the long run too.

All of these types of media effects are used for different reasons and purposes. While some will use them to manipulate the minds of people and make them conform to a general concept or idea, others use these types of media effects in a more neutral manner so that people are simply made aware of a situation or are able to think about things in a more neutral manner.

Nowadays, technology and media are so advanced and have become so much better and more effective than they were once upon a time that it can be used to do a lot and for a lot of purposes. That is why the media is also said to be one of the arms of the state.