Types Of Media Coverage

When it comes to delivering news on the spot of a crime scene, for example, one of the many types of media coverage is used. There are different types of media coverage and each of them has an important role where the media is concerned. Just like our bodies have different organs that make them up, the news has its own types of media coverage that contribute in their own way. This way the media attracts a greater number of people and the audience is wide and diverse as well and so they need different types of media coverage to do so. This also helps add credibility to the news and the source.

The first of the various types of media coverage is placed media. This involves public service announcements and is usually organized by a public relations agency or such like. They are paid usually but in some cases they may do the work for free instead. The good thing about placed media is that they tend to have control over the way a message is conveyed over the media. This can be done for a particular purpose. For example, a celebrity performing in a particular way at music awards can be made to look bad by these guys or they may even make the celebrity look good for being fearless. It’s all about perspective.

Another of the many types of media coverage is earned coverage and this is usually produced by journalists instead of public relations agency. Think of these guys as promoters. They do not, unlike placed media, use advertisers and such sources to get a favorable response. They may use editorials to promote their news or they may talk about a particular topic on a news channel instead too.

Paid media coverage is also one of the various types of media coverage and is the opposite of earned coverage. Publicity in this case is gained via advertising. So, for example, the current situation in Russia, against gay rights, can be publicized in a particular way where the government’s anti-gay policies are made to look bad. In this case the media would use advertisements to publicize how it is bad of the government to adhere to their anti-gay policies and laws. They could publicize their views via advertisement to turn people against Russia’s stance or to support it instead. Again, it’s all about perspective.

Various types of media coverage exist and some of these can be used in a good way while others may be used in a bad way. It was quite common, prior to the Second World War, for governments to use the media to make another country look bad. Though back then media wasn’t as advanced as it is now and the types of media coverage were pretty limited but still media could be used to make another country look like the enemy.

Media coverage is all about how a particular incident is covered and also about how you change people’s perspectives- for better or worse.