Types Of Media Agar

Media agars are those that are used to culture microorganisms and hence it is vital that you know the types of media agar as to be able to identify which of them can be used for your experiments safely and make sure that they will not cause you any harm no matter what happens. There are many types of media agar. They can be gotten from different kinds of sources that can greatly benefit you on your study of microorganisms.

The blood agars are types of media agar that contains animal blood cells. There are many different kinds of bacteria and microorganisms that will grow from these types of media agar and this is why it is known to be used in many science laboratories. However, if you are not a professional yet this is not a recommended medium because there is a possibility of contamination in different scenarios and circumstances. Examples of blood agars that are most commonly used are from sheep.

Chocolate agars are types of media agar that comes from sheep blood as well. They contain a nutrient medium used to culture organisms quickly. This is why there are also many science labs that use these types of media agar. However, like the blood agars these are not also recommended to be used by nonprofessionals as they can contaminate on human contact as well.

The LB agars, or Luria Bertani Agars, are types of media agar that are recommended for nonprofessional uses. These are types of nutrient agars that are mostly used in microbiology studies. Most of the time, these types of media agar are used in cultivating routinely microorganisms that do not grow quickly. They are not also able to grow different kinds of bacteria over the others.

The Miller’s LB Agars are types of media agar that are a variety of the LB agar. They basically have the same components and use as the LB agar. The main difference between the two is that they contain different proportions and hence they are used in cultivating different kinds of bacteria and microorganisms as well. Like the LB agar, these types of media agar can also be used by nonprofessionals and students. However, these ones should be used in the general proportion only to ensure safety of the human.

The nutrient agars are the media agars that have the largest numbers of microbes. In other words, these are the ones that are used in most numbers of uses. These include fungi and bacteria. Although they do not include all kinds of bacteria in their list, most of them can still be used in cultivating them. Like the LB agar and the Miller’s LB agar, these can be used by nonprofessionals and students too. This is because of the fact that they do not grow different kinds of pathogenic bacteria that can be harmful to humans. The main nutrient in these media agars is known to be beef broth and there are some that contain the extracts coming from yeast as well.