Types Of Mattresses

The different types of mattresses originated as simple cushions that are used instead of a bed, or placed on top of a bed to provide more comfort while sleeping. The early types of mattresses comprise filling made of hair, cotton, foam, rubber and straw. Nowadays, these kinds are still used but the mattresses have been reinforced for better durability. Some mattresses comprise a framework made of metal, usually springs of metal. Some mattresses are portable because they can be inflated and deflated.

The evolution in the types of mattresses has been fast, as modern technology constantly provided many ways to improve mattress features, such as viscoelasticity and flexibility. Some mattresses are made to suit those living in cold areas because they have built-in insulator pads spread over the spring coils. Some luxury types of mattresses have also been invented, including the ones that are filled with water and air. Futons and kapok mattresses are usual in temperate areas.

Selecting the best type of mattresses for your bed could take some time as each mattress type has plenty of advantages. Here are some of the criteria you can use to select your ideal mattress.

Comfort index varies among the different types of mattresses. Choose one that is not too hard or too soft, although the popular belief is that a mattress has to be hard for you to obtain the maximum benefits. A good mattress needs to have a structure that is meant to support the body, and the fluffiness or the inflexibility of the bedding itself should come second.

The primary types of mattresses you will find in shops are different from each other because of the materials or combination of materials. The manufacturers of mattresses often come up with more than one type because people have varying preferences.

Pocket spring mattresses comprise springs and fabric. The fabric is built in a pocket and each spring is sewn into it. What happens is that each combination of fabric pocket and spring acts as a support for your body. Because there are so many spring-fabric pockets in the mattress, the support provided is extraordinary. These types of mattresses are especially important for people that tend to sleep on their side. Some of the best pocket spring mattresses are made in such a way that a person does not feel the movement of the other person sharing the bed.

A high-tech mattress type is the memory foam, which uses viscoelastic material as padding. This material is sensitive to the body temperature of the user. The mattress tends to retain the information and will then adjust according to the specific body temperature of the user. What results is better comfort while sleeping and better insulation from cold or heat. Memory mattresses are usually sold in packages that also include memory foam pillows and comforters.

So far, we’ve mentioned the more expensive types of mattresses, but there are cheaper brands. One is the single coil mattress, which comprise single springs on a single wire. Movement at the end of the mattress can be felt at the other end. Foam mattresses are durable and flexible, and the advantage of using these is that they are impermeable to house mites.