Types Of Math Degrees

There basically two types of math degrees that give people who are very good with numbers to put them to practical use. They are applied mathematics and theoretical mathematics. The first deals with the practical use of math in everyday life while the latter is focused on finding out new paradigms in math. These types of math degrees can be applied in various disciplines from computer programming, to finance in business.

The math degree program usually takes around 5 years to complete. They are available both online and in classrooms.

Online bachelor of mathematics is one of the types of math degrees that is increasingly becoming popular these days. The flexibility of the program and its growing acceptance are among the reasons why more people are now enrolling into these programs.

Some of the types of math degrees and their respective abbreviations include

* Bachelor of Math (BMath)

* Bachelor of Arts in Math (BA in Math)

* Bachelor of Science in Math (BS in Math)

* Master’s of Science in Math (MSc in Math)

* Doctoral Degree in Math (PhD in math)

Requirements for these types of math degrees

Prospective candidates who want to enroll to study for one of these types of math degrees would need to be very good with numbers, have patients to find solutions to a problem, and have the ability to think abstractly. There are other certificate requirements from high school too which differ from university to university. But before one will consider himself capable of doing well in an undergraduate degree program in math, he should consider providing answers to the following questions:

* Am I great with numbers?

* Am I capable of working independently?

* Do I love identifying patterns?

* Can I do well in different environments?

* Do I love to decipher complicated problems in mathematics?

Courses available for the different types of math degrees

There are different courses available that would help students acquire both the theoretical and practical knowledge of math. They include:

* Calculus

This is a very complex field in math that deals with functions, limits, integrals, and derivatives. Most math students would normally take several of these courses from the first year in school up to the final years leading to the award of the math degree they applied for.

* Algebra

Algebra is one of the most basic subjects for students in high school who want to study math at the university level. But an algebra class in the higher institution is more complex and more advanced than what is obtainable in high school. The theories and concepts are aimed at providing in-depth knowledge to students irrespective of their types of math degrees. Usually, the higher the degree the more complex the algebra will be. Master’s degree algebra will always be more complex than an undergraduate algebra.

* Mathematical Statistics

Statistics is a field in math that deals with the gathering and interpretation of data. This demanding course teaches students the basics of collecting data, organizing the data in a simpler way and interpreting the results.

Generally, students who want to acquire one of the types of math degrees may specialize in actuarial mathematics, computer programming, theoretical math, applied math, statistics, or computer science.