Types Of Martial Arts

With different cultures and traditions in the world more so in Asia it made different types of martial arts to emerge with some well-known while others not popular among most people. Nevertheless, some light will be shed on this vast field of action. The following are the types of martial arts practiced by different people worldwide.

Tae Kwon Do

It is not all about kicking but while undergoing its training you learn a lot of techniques such as wrestling, how to punch, kicking use a Nunchuku, Katana and many other forms that helps to like the discipline. It can be one of the best since it is being played in many international sports like the Olympic and other continental championships. However, this discipline is offensive than defensive and only incorporate or allow the use of legs only while fighting. It is very vital in instilling discipline in young children but not useful in real life situations.

Kung Fu

It sums all the Chinese arts in one person – these includes tsun/ chun. Wing tsun in the category og leung ting is proficient in all dimensions since it requires very little effort for motion. Since it is a collection that integrated 400-800 various martial arts, Kung Fu is the right term for this particular martial art and tsun of leung ting being the most effective and efficient. Generally, Kung Fu has incorporated abundance of techniques therefore having undergone its training you become an all-round athlete but the world demands cannot allow you to train to the master level.

Muay Thai

Amongst all other types of martial arts this form requires a lot of energy to master its moves and steps. It an ancient art of hands, knees, feet, elbow and eight weapons. Muay Thai trains one to make attacks appropriately while also defending yourself wisely. If well executed it can be very dangerous. It is also one of the lethal martial arts.


In all types of martial arts, karate also adds up to list of the top notch martial arts loved by many around the globe. However, there are very many types of martial arts with each type training different techniques. Unlike Tae Kwon Do, karate uses both legs and hands and you have to master using both legs and hands in attacking and defending to properly use this type of martial art. Here, being strong is not enough but speed is very vital to make proper and accurate attack and defense while performing or fighting.

Ju Jitsu

This type of martial art majorly focuses on self-defense therefore if you are smart in defending yourself when attacked by somwon then this is no doubt martial art for you.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

It is unarguably one of the best types of martial arts in Brazil. With few people from those other martial arts can beat up a bjj on ring.

Krav Maga

It is a type of martial arts that its ultimate objective is self-defense/ style system. It is very ideal in application in a real life situation.