Types Of Martial Art Kicks

Before discussing the various types of martial art kicks, let us first learn about martial art. Originally in 1550s martial art was used in reference to the combat practice in Europe. Now it is generally used in reference to fighting skills. Martial art was practised for various beneficial reasons- self-defence, fitness, games and competitions, mental and spiritual development and many more. The various types of martial art practised today are- taekwondo, karate, mixed martial arts, jiu jitsu, judo, akidio, kung fu, etc. Martial art is the proper use of mental and physical strength.

Now let us see how many types of martial art kicks are there:

* Front Snap Kick- this is the widely used kick in the practise of martial arts. This kick is mostly used to attack the front portion of the body- legs, solar plexus, groin, face or throat. Steps that are involved in this kick are- first you must point at the target by raising your knee, then quickly kick the target by extending your foot and then retract your leg to the ground. The damage made with this kick depends on the speed and power of the kick. Front Snap Kick may also be used continuously without bringing the foot back to the ground. This damages more than a single kick as the opponent does not get a chance to defend.

* Side Kick- side kick, among the various types of martial art kicks is regarded as the more powerful kick in comparison to the front kick. To execute this kick you must turn sideways, facing your opponent. Second step is to lift your knee and then kick straight to the target. Bring your foot back to the ground. This kick is generally not used for rapid or continuous attacks. It causes more damage but is difficult to execute too.

* Crescent Kick- crescent kick is among those types of martial art kicks, which is used to offend and defend both. To execute and offend with this kick you must first lift your left knee high in front and execute it with the inside of your foot in a clock wise circular motion. If you are using your right leg to execute this kick you must attack in anti clock circular motion with your right foot. You may attack opponent’s head in this way. As a defence you may use this kick to knock any oncoming weapon to the side by kicking on the hand of the opponent.

* Reverse Crescent Kick- this kick is the opposite to the crescent kick. To execute this kick you may kick in the counter-clock direction with your left leg and in the clock wise circular motion with your right leg. The outside edge of the foot is used. This kick can be used to confuse the opponent and similar to a crescent kick, it also blocks oncoming attacks.

These are the few types of martial art kicks which give an idea of martial art. If someone has a certain degree of proficiency in martial arts, he is strong enough to master the mind as well as the body of the opponent.