Types Of Marijuana

What are the different types of marijuana? Marijuana, commonly called weed, are herbs that are used in medicinal purposes. They are, however, abused and are often used for recreational activities.This is when the marijuana is considered illegal. There are many different types of marijuana. This is mainly because people continue to look and make new strains that make it more powerful.

There are many types of marijuana. The first and the most common are called the sativa. These are the types of marijuana that grows tall. There can induce and bring about an uplifting and energetic state. This is why many people are into growing and smoking them. You see, marijuana is known as downers. But with these types of marijuana, you will be relaxed and still feel energetic at the same time.

Indica are types of marijuana that grow much smaller than sativa. They are known to be bushy and compact. They are also known to be able to grow wider rather than taller. This is actually the main distinguishing characteristic of these types of marijuana. When it comes to the effects, the indica are known to give a feeling of lifting. It is said to be able to provide a feeling of melting into the air. This is why these types of marijuana are often prescribed to patients that have anxiety disorders as well as insomnia and panic attacks. The problem with the indica strain is that they are known to bring about thought provoking messages or issues. They can sometimes even be hallucinations. This being said, always make sure that you have your physicians’ prescription before taking this. Although there have no scientific studies of death brought about by the strain, it is always best that you keep safe.

Next, there are hybrids. These are the types of marijuana that are combined strains of the two main strains and types of marijuana. There are many different types of hybrids, really. This is because of the different types of mixes that are made to the indica and sativa strains.

The Afghani strains are types of marijuana that are never used to make hybrids. As the name implies, there are grown and harvested from Afghanistan. These are known to have broad leaves and are considered to be of the indica strain. They are known to have heavy buds, too. These buds are mostly green in color, but there are some that turn to purple when harvest time arrives.

The Amsterdam golds are strains of marijuana that are also considered to be of the indica origin. They are developed during the seventies in California. However, these strains of marijuana are known to be grown and harvested in Holland. The smoke of this strain has a citrus like aroma and known to provide a good “high” compared to the others.

The big bud is a strain that is characterized by, well, a big bud. They are also, for most part, indica. The best known characteristics of these stains is that they are known to produce high yields.