Types Of Magnolia Trees

What are the different types of magnolia trees? This type of tree was named after a French botanist called Pierre Magnolia. These trees depict the following characteristic s: it either bears beautiful flowers or it always remains evergreen. In general, this type of tree genera belongs to the family Magnoliacea.

Magnolia trees do well in soils which have proper drainage; wet ground is not suitable for its growth. One more important fact about these magnolia trees, they are pollinated by an insect called beetle. These are the types of magnolia trees:

• Arise Magnolia: This is commonly known as Willow-leaved magnolia and Japanese willow leaf magnolia. It is indigenous to

Japan as its other names suggests. On average its heights ranges from 15-30′ tall. Similarly, as its other name suggests, its leaves resemble a willow tree leaves or shrubs. Its leaves are not as wide as majority magnolia tree but are wider than those of a willow tree leaves. These types of magnolia trees unfurl its leaves after the tree flowers.

• Ashe’s Magnolia: These types of magnolia trees are called Magnolia Ashei in Latin. It is also referred to as deciduous

magnolia and Ashe magnolia. It is native to the region of North America and its mean average height ranges from 10-30’tall. It can be found as a large shrub or a small tree. This was named to honour William Willard Ashe of the United State of America. It generally flowers in late winter to early spring out of the bare branches giving a spectacular display. They are also great specimen trees.

• Big leaf Magnolia: Its Latin name is Magnolia macrophylla and well known as large-leaved cucumber tree. It generally has a height that ranges from 30-40′ tall averagely. It also has features as its name suggests; produce leave to as lengthy as 32′ long. It is indigenous of South-eastern Mexico and US. These types of Magnolia trees are deciduous and also can stay evergreen in warmer climates.

• Cucumber Tree: It is scientifically referred to as Magnolia acuminate and it is generally known as blue magnolia, cucumber magnolia or yellow cucumber tree. It is native to Eastern North America. On average its height ranges from 40-80′ tall. It was named due to likeness with the fruits of a cucumber tree.

• Lily Magnolia: It is widely known as woody-orchid, red magnolia. Mulan magnolia, purple magnolia and tulip magnolia. Magnolia liliiflora is its Latin name and indigenous to China and averagely its height ranges from 10-15′ tall. These types of magnolia trees are smaller in their species thus forming short trees. It one parent to saucer magnolia.

• Loebner Magnolia: Latin name is Magnolia x loebneri and depicts average height that ranges from 20-30′ tall. It is a resultant of two breeds, star magnolia and kobus magnolia. It normally develops several trunks but normally a central trunk can be created by pruning.

• Kobus magnolia: These types of magnolia trees are native to Japan and have a mean average height that ranges from 25-40′ tall but on certain occasions it grows to 75′ tall and over. Its Latin name is Magnolia kobus. It also tends to form numerous trunks. It produces flowers ahead of other magnolia species.