Types Of Lilies

What are the different types of lillies? Flowers put life on our dining table or our living room or the drawing room where guests come to see us. And one of the most beautiful and scented flowers in the world is lily. These are very widespread choices for bringing them into the home or planting them in beautiful gardens to increase its beauty to a divine level. They are elegant, beautiful and are typically of bright colors and to match their beauty they too have a very pleasant smell. There are different kinds of the this flower and you are sure to like one of them and fall in love with its beauty. The Lilies look exotic in containers outside, gardens as decorations during the weddings and many other functions as well.

Different types of lilies:

1. Tiger Lily: These lilies are very beautiful and are bright orange in color which has dark spots in its petal. They can from up to 3 inches big. They can grow as large as up to about 3 inches across. They have a very saccharine and descent fragrance. They are often referred as Ditch lily because they are typically found being grown up at the ditches of a roadside corner. These types of lilies are mainly used for decorating cakes, they look great smells exotic and moreover edible. These lilies are only imbedded with the help of bulbs and later on it is dug and then divided, unlike other flowers these shouldn’t be dug up in winter. People often prefer planting these lilies into their garden or in the container outside as they bring a showy feel to them and makes you stand out in the society. Tiger lilies can be grown every year.

2. Rain Lily: These vibrant types of lilies can bloom several times a year and often in the rain so this lily has got its name the rain lily. These face towards the sky and are about 11 to 15 inches long. They blossom in various colors like white, pink or red. These lilies put an extra glow to your garden with their soft and sweet smell and various colors. However these lilies bloom with only of its type. That means if you want to grow rain lilies than you have to plant 3 corms together on the least side and as more as you desire and need. Rain lilies are too good in yards but not too much showy for the dining table or the living room. There is no problem in growing them and they give good rewards too.

3. Calla Lily: These types of lilies are very beautiful and grow from bulb called Zhirome. These lilies can also be grown with seeds but some additional maintenance are required than the normal digging u and just planting the bulbs. Although these are categorized as lilies but they are not actually a lily. They do not grow till the humidity is more and the soil is damp but if the soil is too wet than the corm may even rot.

4. Asiatic Lily: The rarest types of lilies which are considered to be hardest to grow by gardeners who have just started. They come in varied colors including white, pink, yellow orange but it is tough to find an Asiatic lily which is blue in color. They face towards the sky and are shaped similar to a trumpet. They have a very faint or no smell which travels along with the wind. They grow year after year and give a great look to your gardens, yard or your living room pots with their blooming colors.

So what are the favorite types of lilies? Whichever may be but lilies are the most beautiful flowers and give a spruce of color to the gardens, yards and living rooms. Sometimes they may even fresh your mind and give you divine feeling from their scent.