Types Of Learning Styles

Determining the correct types of learning styles especially amongst parents is a vital thing in ensuring that their children become successful in schoolwork learning from home. Every child has unique skills and abilities and identifying these unique skills as well as nurturing them will enable you to steer you child’s overall performance that will be helpful to him or her as he or she grows up. However, for you to achieve all these, you need to have glimpse knowledge about each of the varied learning styles. Here are some of the types of learning styles;

Auditory; these are types of learning styles where a learner prefers to listen more than any other thing. He or she is the learner, who tends to get distracted by the visual presentations and enjoys listening to audio books, verbal instructions, audio tapes and many more. This type of learner is one who has the capability of retaining information through the sense of sound. You can accelerate this type of learning style in this child by encouraging your child to actively engage in verbal conversation on the things they have learned throughout the day.

Visual; these are types of learning styles where the learner tends to grasp more information through seeing. It does not necessarily means that he or she cannot retain the information by listening but through visual aids, he is more effective in learning more compared to listening. This is a learner who can perfectly utilize videos, live demonstrations, and movies amongst others. A parent or home tutor can enhance the success of this learner by incorporating images, pictures, colors and many other visual aids to boost this type of learning style.

Kinesthetic; this is a style where the learner uses a sense of touch to keep hold of information effectively. It is the style of learning where a budding learner would find the hands on technique most interesting since it would enable them to touch, move and maneuver various things. It is one of the hardest modes of learning since they turn off the tutors and learners easily but can be enhanced by using educational aids such as toys, puzzles and models. The other way of using kinesthetic learning style is using manipulative among others.

Analytic; it is where the learner have a preference of depending on what the expert or tutor already knows about a certain subject or field. There are several ways of utilizing this method such as reading published documentations such as books, tutorials, magazines and also by watching videos illustrating the needed information as well as listening to audios explaining these respective topics.

Dynamic; here is where the learner is learn things by doing that particular thing practically. It is where the learner develops interest and jumps directly and trying to try out by doing it literally. They are the types of learning styles where the learners are not necessarily concerned with subjective experience from other people but in involves trial and error and that is what appeals the learner using this learning approach.