Types Of Leadership

What are the different types of leadership? Leadership is defined as a way of influencing others to do either good or bad. Basically, this entails being able to convince people to help you do your cause. It is organizing and stimulating the mind of certain groups of people to share a goal. There are types of leadership, depending on the need of it as well as their applications. The main types of leadership are autocratic leadership, bureaucratic leadership, charismatic leadership, democratic leadership, servant leadership, task oriented leadership, transformational leadership, and many others.

Autocratic leadership types are types of leadership wherein there is one leader who influences the people around him or her. This leader is much like a dictator – whatever it is that he wants will be followed. The leader in these kinds of leadership may indeed give the people their voice. However, it isn’t guaranteed if they will be heard or given priority as the leader will still have the final say and decision. The problem with these types of leadership is that many people do not like it. They resent these types of leadership. Therefore, the people here don’t have good output and productivity.

Bureaucratic leadership types, on the other hand, are the types of leadership wherein the rules are followed by the book. There are lists of procedures or rules here. Then, the people will have to follow and obey to those. In most companies, these are the most effective kinds of leadership. However, there are disadvantages of this type. Due to the rules that are set on stone, inflexibility sometimes demoralizes people. They then diminish the organizational skills of the people involved.

Charismatic leadership types are those types of leadership wherein a leader will inject a thought into the people involved. The thing is that, from the name of these types of leadership alone, here the leader doesn’t impose these thoughts. He uses his charisma to persuade the people involved to swallow the thought or process he wants followed. The main problem here is that the leader most usually has more confidence in his abilities than that of his team. This being said, his followers might need some boost of self-esteem to ensure that the project will be a success.

Democratic leadership types are types of leadership wherein there is a leader to make the final decision as well, much like the autocratic type. However, the leader is open to hearing from the people involved and he welcomes their thoughts and considers them when making decisions. This is best type as people are able to enjoy the freedom to share their ideas. They feel good, as well. Therefore, people involved in democratic leaderships are happy and productive.

Servant leaderships are those who have a leader that is not recognized as a leader. The leader acts like a