Types Of Lawyers

What are the different types of lawyers? Lawyers can be our friend or our foe. They can protect us, but they can also prosecute us. Well, as long as we do the right thing and not break the law, then they are on our side. But there are many laws that are around. This is why there are different types of lawyers. Each of them has their own specialty. If you get in trouble with the law, make sure you get the right types of lawyers by knowing each one!

The admiralty and maritime lawyers are the types of lawyers that are focused on anything that has to do with the maritime field. These are the lawyers who mainly cover both the commercial and the business laws concerning navigational waters and coastlines. This means that any law that concerns the rivers, lakes, bays, ports, and harbors – they cover. These are legal jurisdiction of these water bodies. It can be port access or boat accidents. It can also be legal issues on shipping contracts. As long as the issue is concerning the waters, call the maritime lawyers.

Arbitration lawyers are the types of lawyers who make sure that parties in a dispute are able to agree or at least are able to come to a compromise when in a law abiding situation. The process of arbitration entails informal and formal hearings that are trial like. The abiding laws can be binding or nonbinding as they can also be enforceable. As long as the case will concern arbitration, then the arbitration lawyers are your best friends.

Asset protection lawyers are the types of lawyers that, well, help you protect your assets. These are lawyers that you should call when you need legal help in legal strategies to protect your assets. These are the people who will help you to plan your legal moves with regards to investments, title transfers, asset protection from fraud schemes, and the like.

Aviation lawyers are the maritime lawyers of the air. Meaning to say, these are the types of lawyers that cover anything that has to do with the laws of the air space. They can help you in laws that cover air traffic safety, airport security, airline tariffs and rates, and other air space mattes such as aircraft ownership, pilot licensing, and airport development as well as airport management requirements.

Banking lawyers are the types of lawyers that cover bank laws, rules, and regulations. They can help you battle your legal problems with regards to bank related crimes, banking services, bank officials, and many more. These lawyers are also able to help you when you see irregularities with your banks fund transfer protocols, credit services, dishonoring checks and credits, and many more.

The business lawyers are types of lawyers who can help you take care of you legally with regards to anything business. These are the people who will take care of disputes concerning business form regulations, obtaining business permits and licenses, filing organization or incorporation articles, and many others. Anything that has to do with business rules and laws, these are the people to go to.