Types Of Kush

Almost everybody got stoned by smoking weed (also known as kush) at some point in his life, and each person probably responded to weed in an unpredictable way. The truth, however, is that different types of kush, will get you high in a different way.

Before we discuss the various types of kush, however, let’s see the three types of kush seeds and how they differ from one another. The tree types are: regular kush seeds, feminized kush seeds, and autoflowering kush seeds. Regular seeds are what nature intended for us. They aren’t in any way genetically engineered, and are used for outdoor operations most of the times. The kush flower they produce can range from simple to awesome depending on the quality of the seed you are using. Feminized kush seeds, however, are usually chosen over regular ones because they produce more female plants; in fact, if you provide the seed with proper climatic conditions, it will produce only female pants. They are a bit more costly compared to regular seeds, are easy to grow, and demand average maintenance. As for the last of the three types of cush seeds, autoflowering seeds are exactly what we call genetically engineered. They grow relatively fast regardless of climatic conditions. For example, the plant’s development does not seem to be affected by the number of hours it is exposed to the sun, and it essentially requires minimum care. The only catch is that you need to dig deep into your pocket in order to buy autoflowering kush seeds.

If you are looking for specifics on the various types of kush, though, then you definitely need to know these three types of kush: the 00 kush, the 8 ball kush, and the Afghan kush. 00 kush is basically grown in Northern California, and it takes about two months to blossom form a simple seed into a fully grow flower that reaches up to 1 meter in height. It usually gives off a citrus-like odor and when it comes to smoking it, it is considered to be a very ‘strong’ kind of weed. The Afghan kush on the other hand comes from the Hindu kush mountain range. It is not exactly flowery as a 00 kush, but it is rather compact and even taller, and it takes one to two weeks less for it to mature fully. As for the 8 ball kush, it is a short plant that does not exceed two feet in height, and it forms thick stems due to its dark green leaves that have dense buds. It also grows in Afghani, as well as Pakistani mountains, but its flavor is so unique that it stimulates a musty earthly sensation to your taste buds.

In general, the Afghani mountain regions have given birth to many types of kush besides the two just mentioned. For example, there is the Afghan kush Ryder, and the Afghan kush Special, the Black Domina, the White Widow, the Afghan Kush x Skunk, as well as the Afghan Kush X Yumbolt, many of them famous for their aesthetic value or their therapeutic properties. If you are looking to pretty up your garden with a flower that can help you relax whenever you absolutely need to, browse through the numerous types of kush and find the one that suits you best.