Types Of Knives

The types of knives depend on their purpose. From the modest jack-knife to grave survival blades; there is a huge variety in knives. However, the classification of knife depends on its usage, purpose and the intention. The knives that get used for the domestic purpose and the knives that are used for the survival purpose always have different types when it comes to classify knives. Therefore, types of knives should be classified by keeping a key point called the intention.

There is one more method to classify knives that includes the classification on the basis of sharpness, size and the usage of a knife. However, the types of knives could be listed more easily if two to three types of knives with different intentions are added to the list. The following list shows the several types of knives formulated on the basis of different purposes.


These are considered as the special type as compared to the other types of knives. This type of knives requires manual operations for the opening of blade before spiral joints. Also, this type involves other manual tasks such as flipping of the blade.

Snip Folder:

It is also called as folding knife. In this type of knife clip gets accumulated on the grip that allows user to join to a pouch girdle for trouble-free access. Snip folder knives are considered as the extra sharp knives as compared to the other types of knives.

Bowie knife:

This knife is in use since 19th century. Jim Bowie belonging to the America is a pioneer of bowie knives. This type is popular for its large casing. Along with this, bowie knife is useful for cutting the vegetables and other domestic purposes.


This knife is one most favored type of knife. The main intention of this knife involves domestic purpose. These knives are long and consist of deep spiky blade. These are useful for cutting chunky vegetables.

Cook’s knife:

The name of this knife reveals its purpose. Most of the shelves make use of this knife for cutting vegetables that are chunky and thick in nature. These are double-edged with a central needle. These are quite long in length and have sharpened edges.

Multi-tool knife:

These are also called as multipurpose knives. This knife consists of several other types of knives. This knife comes in a set of almost five to ten knives that are jointed by a single point. This knife consists of self-reliant folding tools that comprise blades, drivers, files, pliers, etc.


These are also called as pocketknife. This type of knife has short body that can easily get fitted into the pocket. It is possible to carry this knife for the survival purpose. Depending on the choice, this knife includes extra folding blades.

Survival knife:

Survival knife has fixed nature. A single blade is used in this kind of knives. Depending on the purpose the selection of survival knife varies. These are available in large variety of purposes such as for cutting the wood, for killing an animal, and for chopping any hard material. Most of the survival knives have vacant grips.

Though there is an extra big list that can be added to this one, these types of knives are sufficient to learn more about the knives.