Types Of Kites

A kite is a kind of aircraft that is tied to the ground, or held by a person, with a strong, tight string. A kite is able to lift in the air thanks to the wind and its aerodynamic design. There are actually many types of kites depending on this aerodynamic design, each with its own characteristics. The six most common types of kites are: diamond kites, box and winged box kites, sled kites, delta kites, and power kites.

As the name suggests, diamond kites are diamond-shaped and they are the simplest type, since it is a kite that is very is to build and very easy to fly. All you have to do is form a cross with two lightweight sticks, attach a proper material on the sticks (and stretch it a bit), as well as a long string at the bottom end of the cross, and you ‘ll have your diamond kite.

Box and winged box kites are two types of kites that are very fun to watch them fly. The box kite is essentially a large rectangular frame divided in three equal parts. The parts on the top and on the bottom of the kite are covered with material, while the one in the middle is not. It is also very easy to build one on your own given that you have some sticks in order to make the box frame. The box kite, however, does not have a tail, and it has two strings holding it to the ground. Surprisingly enough box kites have the ability to fly very high in the air compared to other types of kites. As far as the winged box kite goes, it also has a rectangular shape, although it is usually divided in more parts (the flying material again is attached on every other part), where two triangular wing-like pieces have been added on each side. In the winged box kite, the two strings are attached to each wing on opposite ends. Thanks to this design, winged box kites are very stable and can endure strong winds without falling or being ruined.

There are two more types of kites in this short list: sled kites and power kites. They are both very different in terms of design and much larger. The sled kite is basically like an inverted winter sled hanging from the skies. Its main frame is rectangular and has curved sides, in the middle of which two strings are attached, as well as a string attached right at the center of the frame. As for the horseshoe-shaped power kites, they are by far the largest of all types of kites. Their purpose is not to fly them only to watch them fly; instead power kites of designed to lift heavy objects and people; as a result you can either use them for kite surfing or in order to literally fly simply by jumping off a cliff (this is less dangerous than it sounds).

Besides those types of kites, designs are only limited by human creativeness and the rules of aerodynamics.