Types Of Kisses

The types of kisses we give one another may vary from person to person, culture to culture and from one relationship to another. Different types of kisses mean different things. Women and gay men tend to kiss each other on the cheek when they meet, generally speaking, whereas other men tend to prefer less physical interaction and so, the most that they’d do is shake hands or hug one another. Then, there are countries where it is completely normal for all men to meet with a handshake and a kiss. This is a very common way of greeting one another in the Middle East- even for men.

Couples that are more intimate with one another may prefer giving each other different types of kisses because they would like to express their love for another. Naturally, one wouldn’t be able to give the same type of kiss to someone they’ve just met because they haven’t yet developed the same bond of intimacy and love. The types of kisses we give one another may even be dictated by our surroundings. A couple that is intimate wouldn’t kiss one another in the presence of others as they would if they were alone in their bedroom. In the presence of others they may pass each other butterfly kisses and kiss one another on the check or lips rather than giving one another the French kiss which involves more passion and the tongues of the two partners touch one another.

The types of person we give one another would also depend upon the relationship we have with one another. A mother would give her child the forehead kiss (a kiss on the forehead) to show him how much she loves him. This kiss is symbolic and shows a mother’s love for her child.

Our lovers may give us different types of kisses- butterfly kiss, forehead, French, cheek, on the lip and all types of kisses while our parents or grandparents would give us a kiss on the cheek or on the forehead because of their relationship with us. Since we are physically, emotionally, romantically and sexually involved with our partners, it makes more sense to get different types of kisses from them. When it comes to our family, since the bond of trust and love exists due to our relationship with them, it would make sense to restrict the types of kisses we give them to forehead and hand kisses. Also, socially, personally and relationship-wise it would be just wrong to share any other kind of kiss with our family members.

Socially we may kiss one another too though again this varies from one situation to another. To kiss someone on the cheek when meeting them over their parent’s death is not something that too many people do because it just doesn’t make sense but we may kiss other friends and family members when greeting them. Again, the types of kisses would differ- in this case we’d just give them a kiss on the cheek because of the situation and our relationship with them.