Types Of Kayaks

If you decide to take up kayak as your new hobby, you will find it very rewarding: the view, the experience, the physical elation, pretty much everything. There are many types of kayaks for you to choose from, but there are also many things that you have to factor in before deciding which one to buy. The first thing is the location: Will you be going to a pond, to a lake, or to a river? Are the waters calm or will there be waves? The second is the distance: for example, are you looking to take a simple short ride (whether that is 30 minutes, one hour, two or maybe three), or do you plan on taking long daily trips; for depending on the duration of such operations, you will be needing an analogous storage space. Thirdly: will you be kayaking alone or in a tandem? By the way, what is exactly your level of experience: are you new to this or are you a master of kayaking already? Last but not least, there is always the issue of transportation and the issue of storage. Take a look at the various types of kayaks and after taking into consideration the above mentioned factors, decide which one suits you best. Below is a list with the most common types of kayaks.

The most common among all types of kayaks are recreational kayaks. If you are looking for an easy ride in calm waters, then this is probably the best way to go. They are stable and relatively easy to handle (if you are a novice). They are also an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the view, or even for photographers who wish to capture it. Plus, recreational kayaks are relatively cheap, or at least affordable. However, it is not a good choice for those who wish to hit wild waters: waves, strong currents, and even powerful winds can prove to be dangerous.

Touring kayaks, on the other hand, can provide you with great stability in open waters and with enough storage space, thus making the touring kayak excellent for long distance traveling.

Nevertheless, if you want to travel with your kids, there are other types of kayaks that are much more suitable for such cases. A very typical example is the sit-on-top kayak. One of its many advantages is the fact that you can get on and off of it very easy either in the water or on a dock. To what is more the seats are higher that in other types of kayaks, which makes you feel safer (something that is very important when kids are involved). Besides this psychological reassurance, however, a sit-on-top kayak is much easier to flip back to its original position, if you ever have to. The fact that such kayaks can carry more than one or two people, makes them a good choice not only for your family but for your gang also. Take your friends to an adventure and have them swim or dive in unexplored waters or simply choose to go fishing.

Other types of kayaks include inflatable kayaks, fishing kayaks, and whitewater kayaks, each one with its own pros and cons.