Types Of Job Resumes

The types of resumes are many and varied, and can be customized based on the effect the individual wants to achieve. Resumes are a big deal because of their role in job hunting.

A timeframe resume is the most common because it shows the education and work history of a person on a single page. To create this kind of resume, the time period should be typed in bold or highlighted in some way. A description of what the person has been doing for the specific time period can be added to the right of this area. Timeframe resumes are for people who did not spend more than six months being unemployed.

All the time periods must be accounted for, as many employers want to know what the person has been doing during the time when he wasn’t working. There are several ways to create this, and the most usual way is to list your work in reverse chronology, with your current job appearing first. Always indicate the name of the companies where you used to work because the current employer may check whether or not you have really worked in these companies. For good measure, you can also add your former employers in your reference section.

Skills resumes are the types of resumes that many job hunters prefer, especially those that are working for the first time right after graduation. Rather than work history, the main focus in these types of resumes are the skill sets and training experiences of the applicant. Seminars taken in college can also be highlighted, as well as on-the-job-training experiences. People who are changing careers can also use this type of resume to keep the focus on their skills rather than the industry where they used to work in the past.

A timeframe combination resume is a powerful one if you have solid work history and you also want to emphasize your skills. To create these types of resume, you should list your skills first before going into your work history.

Any of these types of resumes can be modified to create a targeted resume. This kind of resume is for job applicants who are after a highly specific job position. The resume can be built in a way that the skills and work experiences listed are those that can show employers why the person is the best candidate for the job. All other work history details and skills can be omitted save for the details that directly relate to the job in question.

An online resume is one of the modern types of resumes that many job applicants are now using. Because more people are now using social networks to connect with others, it is just natural for employers to do their headhunting for good employees online. Some good places to build your online resume are linkedin.com, a social network for professionals; and facebook, where you can create a page that highlights your skills as a professional.

Because the platform is online, you can also add more to your resume than the usual text. You can add an introductory video stating your strengths and skills. You can also do a video or audio demo if you are auditioning for a performing arts job.