Types Of Jewels

Since the history of the world, many women, ladies and girls, have been attracted to the beauty and sparkles of jewels – but, do they know the different types of jewels that they worship and wear?

There are literally hundreds of jewels or gemstones in the world. Gemstones can be obtained from digging underground, which is the procedure usually done and the procedure most familiar with all of us. Jewels can also be called a gem, gemstone, precious or semi-precious stone. The process of obtaining and cleaning the minerals or any type of jewel can be very difficult and in special cases, fatal; and the process of designing, molding, shaping and polishing it is equally hard and a real patience-tester. Making a piece of jewelry or any other adornment with any type of jewel is time consuming and not that easy just to meet and live up to the satisfaction and elegance of the buyer and owner of that certain piece of jewelry.

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearl are the most common and familiar types of jewels around the world. They are also the most expensive and the hardest to find among other gems out there. Especially the so called ‘girl’s best friend’ which is also a subject and maybe the inspiration of numerous songs – the diamonds.

Diamonds are the hardest known type of jewel or gemstone. Diamonds usually comes in white and can be popularly seen in engagement rings. It is a natural material which is actually a transparent crystal of carbon. It is also famous for its high refractive index, which makes it shine and sparkle thus making women more attracted and drawn to the most popular jewel of all time.

Rubies are red gems of the mineral corundum. Corundum is the 2nd hardest substance on the Mohs scale, but rubies, as a whole as a gem, isn’t the second hardest, next in line to the diamond. Rubies are popular for its vivid and rich color that gives that extra ‘oomph’ and appeal to whoever wears it. Rubies somewhat gives that feeling of sexiness and confidence; opposed to diamonds which gives sophistication. Sapphires, on the other hand, are the right hand of the diamonds when it comes to hardness. Sapphires usually come in the blue color, giving coolness and the feeling of tranquility. Sapphires are the jewel of those who are born in September. This type of jewel is also one of the four traditional precious gemstones.

The green emeralds are considered to be the most precious stone in the beryl group. The richness of the green color it gives off is unparalleled and cannot be usurped by any other. These elegant emeralds can be considered as the prettiest of all types of jewels. Pearls are the gems obtained from the mouth of the oysters and mussels deep down underwater. They are usually calcium carbonate in the form of aragonite crystals. Pearls are popular and are often dubbed as the most classical type of jewel among others. Jewelries that use pearls are considered to be beautiful, classical and for no apparent reason, display the characteristic of innocence.

Some other types of jewels are amber, which is made 50 million years ago from a fossilized tree of pine; amethyst, the most precious type of jewel in the group of quartz which also possesses the royal color purple; aquamarine, the jewel with the prettiest hue and range of the color blue; bloodstone, even though it suggests red as its color (because of the word blood), it is actually a green jewel just randomly dotted with red spots, like blood on an emerald; chalcedony is a type of jewel which is fine grained and appears in a variety of colors; the jewel citrine originates its name from the French word for lemon; jade or jadeite is the jewel which can be seen in different colors, from white to black, but most popular in the shades of green; jasper is a colored chalcedony, but grainy; moonstone reflects light in a phenomenon called adularescene; onyx is a type of jewel in the black form of chalcedony; opal is the jewel that is most commonly worn; peridot is a idiochromatic gem which means that it gets its color from the mineral forsterite-fayalite, in which it is made; quartz is the most common mineral in the world; rose quartz has a unique soft pink color, resembling a rose; topaz is like a diamond, with its hardness and high refractive index; and the last common type of jewel I will discuss is the turquoise, has been known since 2000 BC.

Looking beautiful and elegant is a woman’s everyday priority, but before we apply products on our faces, we must first test if it’s made from reliable products and will not damage the skin we care for so much. If we will buy new clothes, we should see to it that it flatters our body type and we are comfortable in it. The same rule applies when we are out hunting for adornments. We must first have a background on the types of jewels that a piece of jewelry possesses, we must first know about where it came from and how hard it is to obtain and make them. we must first understand the hardships that jewelry makers go through before we break or loose that beautiful piece of jewelry.