Types Of Jansports Backpack

Do you want to know about Types of Jansport backpack? If your answer is yes then read the article!

Backpack in general is a sack of cloth having one main apartment to be used to fill by clothes or personal belongings while traveling or being mobile. Backpacks also have two strips that come over the shoulder to transfer weight equally on both the shoulders which make it easy to everyone to carry the backpack. There are many companies who are offering different styles, cloth and colors in backpacks and jansport is one of them.

Different style and types of Jansport backpack are available for the customers. Superbreak is one types of Jansport backpack that is available for customers. This backpack offers straight cut but padded shoulder strips make it easy for the customer to carry the belonging. It has one large compartment with two extra pockets which can be used to organize things.

Heritage off trail is another type of Jansport backpack that is available in different sizes and colors. Heritage off trail is made up by original weathered nylon which make it water proof at the end of the day. The main compartment is open that can be closed with the help of lid along with adjustable c-hook. A front pocket is also placed which is having brass metal zip. Backpack comes with adjustable seat belt along with shoulder straps.

Prepster is yet another type of Jansport backpack. It is made up of premium quality cotton canvas fabric. Bag is having one large component and one laptop carry pocket that is suitable to fit in 15 inches of laptop. There are two water bottles pocket along with S-curve shoulder straps. Prepster is a blend of need and luxury that offers more than anticipated.

Wasabi is another type of Jansport backpack. Having same two large components where one can be dedicated to the 15 inches of laptop. Bag is also having an internal organizer which helps in keeping the things separate. There is another small pocket at the front which allows the user to keep small things like keys and mobile. Zip stashes are also placed which make it easy for the customer to open and close the zips. Bag also has one compartment of water bottle at the side.

Growler is the pick of the lot of the types of Jansport backpack. Bag is versatile and has easy access thanks to its padded sleeves which are designed to carry laptop within the bag. Bag is also having large and expandable pockets along with two large main compartments. There are two straps that are also available with one carrying the pocket to carry mobile phone. Bag also has a padded phone holder.


Generally speaking, different types of Jansport backpack that are being offered are a combination of elegance, beauty and range of colors which are being offered by the company. Some of the backpack provide life time service to its holder and give an exuberant look due to its shape, size and uniqueness. Types of Jansport backpacks that are being offered are the best of all.