Types Of Insulation

What are the different types of insulation? Insulation is a term that is commonly used to define products that are used to reduce the loss of heat. They are also used to describe the products that aid in the gain of heat. They are mainly barriers that are installed or placed at locations that have extreme heat situations. This is why there are many different types of insulation.

The earliest and the most common of the types of insulation are used way back. They are frequently made of glass and rock. These are then melted down at extreme temperatures. They are then spun into fine strands. These strands are wool like materials. They can then be formed into many different types of material. These materials are formed into many shapes, too. If there is a place that needs insulation, these are placed there to seal the heat – hot or cold. The different types of insulation are made of different materials. They are known to have different properties as well. This is why when it comes to construction these types of insulation can be placed.

Among the many different types of insulation, the most common ones are the glass mineral wool or the glass wool. These are widely used around the world. Among all types of insulation, these are the ones that are made from recycled glass bottles. This is why many people call these types of insulation as the most ecofriendly. Among all the other types, these are the ones that are easiest to install. And given that they are made from recycled materials, they are very cost effective.

The second types of insulation are the mineral wools or the rock mineral wools. These are types of insulation that are ideal for places where compression is present. These are the common choice for DIY installation. They can come in many width and thicknesses as well. Another distinguishing feature of these types of insulation is that they are very light and can be used to fill cavity walls. These types are very fire resistant. They are known to be able to resist high temperature. These temperatures are known to be more than 1000 degrees Celsius.

Then we have the rigid foams. These are types that are characterized with high compressive strength. These are the types that are used in places that are meant to support different weights. This is why they are most commonly placed under floors or lofts. The best part about the rigid foams is that they are able to resist fire. They are also the insulation types that are used to insulate sound, when sound proofing is needed.

Last of these types are the sheep’s wool. These are the newest addition to the main types. These are insulation materials that underwent intensive cleaning processes. Due to this process, any dirt of oil from the insulation is taken out from the insulation material. However, among all the types, this may not be very environment friendly. Keep in mind that there are chemicals used in the cleaning process, which many consider dangerous to the environment.