Types Of Humor

There are several types of humor depending on the sense behind it. Sense of humor is a commonly used word and it comes to more use when there are arguments on the topic of humor. The meaning of humorous rotates not only around person but also it explains the personality of that person. The types of humor vary as per their use. If the joke is created on serious scenery then it can not be considered as humor, instead it will be regarded as senseless that shows immaturity. Therefore, humor also varies as per the situation. It is necessary to create jokes or speeches on the basis of theme of the scenery. Among several other types of humor, sense of humor is the only type that people mostly use into their dialect.

The types of humor can be listed as bonding-in-the-instant humor, smile-at-life humor, pleasantry comedy, mockery, self-disparaging humor, straight humor, amusing humor, joking at other’s look, lavatory humor, and original artistic humor. These are the most common types of humor that usually occur in public. These humor types are explained below.

Smile-at-life humor:

Many times people hide everything behind a little smile. This smile speaks a lot. Therefore smiling at life to hide sorrow is considered as the most preferred type of humor. This humor is common and needs strong mind for its application. This humor is considered as the hardest humor among all other types of humor. Sometimes, smiling at critical or serious situations helps in decreasing the frequency of difficulty.

Bonding-in-the-instant humor:

Timing plays an important role in any kind of conversation. Many serious cases into the judiciary courts get solved on the basis of exact timing in speaking followed from the opponent party. Thus, bonding-in-the-instant is considered as an averaged difficult type of humor as compared to the other types of humor.

Pleasantry comedy:

Pleasantry comedy is such kind of humor that involves continuous joking. In this type, hurting someone from the words is strictly prohibited. This method can be applied only after gaining the appropriate knowledge of timing.


It is also called as sarcasm. It can be bitter in nature. A good knowledge of taunting is required to apply this method.

Self-disparaging humor:

Most of the people have habit to make joke on themselves. This kind of behavior is considered as self-disparaging humor.

Straight humor:

It is also called as direct or dry humor. This type has no rules and regulations to follow. This method gets applied irrespective of the situation, hurt feelings or any other moments that could hurt someone’s ego.

Amusing humor:

This kind of humor is possible if adequate amount of wise behavior is there. This type of humor needs brain for producing the jokes.

Joking at other’s look:

If someone looks bad by means of look, body shape, body color or any other bodily related incompleteness then creating jokes on these inabilities is considered as the ‘joking at other’s look’ type of humor.

Lavatory humor:

Creating sounds of water or simply singing while bathing is considered as lavatory humor. In this type, hurting someone’s feeling is totally unavailable.

Original artistic humor:

Teasing someone on the basis of their mores or traditions is considered as ‘original artistic’ type of humor. The opposite person may get hurt after the application of this kind of humor.

These are the few common types of humor; however this list can be elongated on the basis of situations, emotions and several other reasons.