Types Of Hinges

What are the types of hinges? Hinges may seem irrelevant but they serve a great purpose especially in construction and production. Hinges are used to connect doors to their frames so that they can be opened and closed. Types of hinges differ in their sizes, weight, materials and use. Most especially to consider the size of the hinge to be use to have the perfect fit for the doors. Hinges are made from brass, steel and bronze. Brass hinges are the most expensive in the market because of its good quality.

Here are some types of hinges that you can easily avail and find in the market.

Butt Hinge

These types of hinges are commonly used and are the most affordable of all types. They have two metal plates, that is referred as the ‘leafs’ and they are connected with a steel pin. Its size is from 13mm to 150mm. When putting this type of hinge, its metal plates are usually recessed. The one metal plate is placed on the door and the other one is on the frame.

Barrel Hinge

This hinge consists of two parts. This is either joined by a steel pin or welded together. This type of hinge is installed to doors that are already assembled with pre- drilled holes on it. The threaded part of a barrel hinge is installed to the pre- drilled holes. It can also be easily dismantled. Barrel hinge is smaller compared to butt hinges and is seldom used.

Butterfly Hinge

As its name suggests, this hinge forms like a butterfly when the metal plates are opened. This is a decorative hinge that is commonly used on light doors. It is installed like the butt hinge and was popularly used for cabinet doors during the 17th and 18th century.

Flush Hinge

These types of hinges are not as durable as a butt hinge and are mostly used for light weight door and small boxes. But these hinges do not need to have a recessed surface. So you can easily install and fit this hinges.

Continuous Hinge

This is also called piano hinge that has two connected, long metal plates. This type of hinge was originally used for piano lids. Its length can reach up to one meter and are cut to desired lengths. This is used for doors that are used heavily like in schools and shopping malls. Its length adds to its durability and can last for a long time.

Concealed/ Invisible Hinge

This type of hinge is quite difficult to install especially for those who are inexperienced. This hinge is used so that it cannot be seen from the outside or when the door is closed. This is often used in cupboards. This hinge is expensive but very durable.

Double Action Hinge

This hinge is used for doors that are opened both ways. It is usually used in commercial buildings like restaurants and institutions like hospitals. It has internal spring that is closed when there is tension.

Pivot Hinge

This comes in pairs and is installed at the top and at the bottom of the door. The top pivot is fastened or connected to the frame or jamb and the bottom pivot is attached to the floor. This type of hinge is used for heavy or big doors.