Types Of Handwriting

Are there different types of handwriting? Well, yes. Let’s see how.

Different people have different types of handwriting. Those who are educated, they know that learning through writing goes hand in hand with verbal learning. Since primary classes, children are taught to write letters, followed by word formations, which are further followed by sentence s, so on and so forth. It is a common style of writing that children are taught in school but they grow up to acknowledge and adapt various types of handwriting. In most cases, people’s handwritings are a mix of a variety of handwriting styles and their own additions to them. Another very crucial factor for differences in hand writing styles is the script in which different languages are written. Every language has its own variety of styles of hand writings.

The very basic division in types of handwritings is:

Manuscript: It refers to any document which is hand written. They were the forms of writing before printing came into being. Now manuscript exists in opposition to other styles of hand writing. It refers to the style in which each letter is written separately. The pen is lifted from the paper each time a new letter is written.

Cursive: These types of handwriting are written such that the beginning and the end of each letter has curves in it. It is also known as joined writing, running hand writing or script. It is a style that is taught to school children in order to beautify their hand writing. It is known for its running manner of writing that allows words to be written without lifting the pen

The casual form of cursive is a mix of lifting the pen and running writing. The form which strictly adheres to joining the letters is known as the linked form of hand writing.

Italic types of handwriting are a stylistic addition to hand writing. It refers to a slant in one’s writing and the name is believed to be so because it originated in Italy. The above main forms of hand writings have further been divided into various styles depending on how various cultures adapted them into their styles.

As a result of being in a technologically advanced world and the need to amalgamate it with the real world, we are moving beyond the fonts that are specific to electronic devices. These days there are a plethora of fonts that imitate the multitudes of hand writing styles that are prevalent these days.

Hand writing styles have been analyzed so much so that it is believed that a person’s character can be revealed by studying his/ her hand writing.

* A neat handwriting means that the person has fine communication skills, whereas the careless hand writing points to the person’s secretive nature.

* A large and clear writing is indicative of an attention seeking personality as opposed to a small handwriting which indicates timidity but also an eye for fine detail.

* The slant of the writing reveals their emotional state. A left slant writer likes to keep to him/herself, whereas the right slant writer like sharing the feelings.

* The proximity of letters, their roundness and their sharpness too become decisive in character analysis through types of handwritings.