Types Of Grass

What are the different types of grass? There are just some times that we want to be with nature. These are the times when we would like to sit on the grass and feel the fresh wind on our faces. Did you know that there are many different types of grass? They are mainly classified as either creeping or bunch types of grass. The creeping grasses are those that are mainly seen during the warm seasons. The bunch grasses, on the other hand, are the grasses that spread from a plant’s crown. But there are more types of grass under each category.

The Bahia grass is among the types of grass that are tough and are especially suited in hot places and warm seasons. They are normally rougher than most other grasses of the turf, and because of their toughness, they are known to be able to handle foot traffic easily.

Bluegrass is among the type of grass that is mostly seen in cool places. Their textures as well as their color are exceptional especially when they are provided with growing conditions that are right. To get the best bluegrass possible, they have to be exposed to good soil, a regular water supply, and sunlight of course.

Bermuda grass is among the types of grass that grows aggressively. The best thing about the Bermuda types of grass is that their resistance of weeds is excellent. However, the aggressiveness of the Bermuda grass is that they invade flower beds.

The centipede grass is among the types of grass that is tough and low maintenance. They grow the best when they are in acidic soil. The centipede grasses have rougher texture than most other turf grasses, especially when they are cared for well. The best thing about the centipede grass is that it has pest resistance and weed resistance that is excellent.

Fescue grass is among the types of grass that are fine and are of many varieties. They are the types of grass that survive cold weathers as well. There are some fescue grasses that are drought resistance, too. And the best part about the fescue grass is that they respond very well to regular fertilizing schedules.

The perennial rye grass is a grass that can hold up pretty well to foot traffic. They germinate quickly as well. These are the types of grass that are usually seen during the cold season as well. But they can also be seen mixed with the wintergreen types when the warm season comes.

The Saint Augustine grass is a grass type that is mostly seen in warm climates. These are the grasses that are mostly seen in sandy soil. The most distinguishing feature of the Saint Augustine is its blue green color that can last a long time – this is not like most other warm weather grasses.

Lastly, we have the zoysia. These are the kinds of grass that are best grown in warm and well drained grass sites. They can take the worst and warmest conditions, compared to all the other turf grasses and they provide the luxurious look when grown well.