Types Of Grants Offered By The Government

Learn about the Types Of Grants Offered By The Government. Workers with certain disabilities who need assistance can actually find aid from the grants granted by the government provided they are eligible for acquiring such grants. The government is concerned of each individual’s economic and housing opportunities, thus it provides grants related to such as well.The government also grants some assistance to eligible college students. For research purposes, there are also grants provided by the government.

There are various types of grants offered by the government to provide financial assistance under the authorization of the laws of the country. The government grants financial assistance especially to those who need it most for the purpose of promoting a purpose related to the public. These types of grants offered by the government actually require some qualifications to be met before an individual or company can benefit from such grants. There are grants provided for the labor sector,the housing sector, education sector and business sector in the form of research programs.These grants are supervised by various agencies which administer the proper issuance of certain grants as well as the qualifications for eligibility for such grants.

Below are the some of the specific types of grants offered by the government that are worth knowing.

.Labor Grants- These types of grants offered by the government are primarily for providing aid to some labor programs as well as promote opportunities for employment. These include OSHA or known as Occupational Safety and Hazard program and ETA or known as Employment and Training program. The OSHA program supervises grants for providing assistance to nonprofit organizations which aid state programs with concerns on occupational hazard and safety. The ETA program gives urgent assistance to those workers who are affected by mass layoffs and disasters, oversees programs for assisting workers with certain disabilities, offers programs for apprenticeship, etc.

.HUD-These types of grants offered by the government are basically related to housing with the purpose of assisting those individuals with concerns on housing. HUD’s grant programs include the Disaster Recovery Assistance program, Emergency Shelter Grants program, Development Block Grant program and Healthy Homes Initiative program.The Development Block Grant program offers yearly grants to local and state governments for the purpose of augmenting the economic and housing opportunities of those individuals in certain residential communities.The Healthy Homes Initiative program has the aim of protecting the individuals from contracting some illnesses and preventing them from receiving some injuries at home.

.Education Grants-These types of grants offered by the government are for providing financial assistance for college students to fund their tuition. The famous grant is called the Pell Grant.Students can apply for such educational grants through completely filling out FASFA or known as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. There are qualifications that the students applying should meet especially in the case of the Department of Education which supervises discretionary grants through various programs related to grant competitions.

.Research Grants for Small Businesses-These types of grants offered by the government are created for providing assistance to companies that are research-based which are primarily engaged in development and research in the field of science. The two research grants are STTR or also called Small Business Technology Transfer Program and SBIR or also called Small Business Innovation Research Program. Such research grants of the government are provided to companies with the right qualifications.