Types Of Granite

What are the different types of granite? Granite is a type of rock that is used mostly in homes and constructions. They can be of different colors too, as their colors depend on the minerals it is exposed with. The thing is that when you are about to have a house built, it is a great pick. In order for you to be able to choose the right granite for you, you should make sure that you know at least some of the types of granite. You will be surprised with how much variety there is when it comes to this magnificent rock.

The types of granite are named after their colors. Among the many different types of granite, the most common choice is the absolute black. Well, as the name implies, these are granite rocks that are absolute black in color. They are fine grained and has tiny numerous crystals that are usually beige or off white. The great thing about this is that its luminosity brings about a certain elegance and uniqueness. Therefore, most people who are into building modern minimalist houses choose to get this.

The Bahia green granites are one more types of granite rock that most people choose. You see this type have colors that are uniformly relative. Therefore, it is best to use in walls, flooring, and staircase steps. The Bahia green granite rocks are made out of many small dark green rocks that are gotten from the magma that is found under the earth’s crust. There are also some yellow parts to this and there is quartz that forms the magnificent combination.

The third types of granite that are chosen by a lot of people are the Baltic brown granites. They are characterized by very coarse grain and streaked with crystals that cause brown oval shaped designs to them. Much like the Bahia green granites, this types of granite can be used both in the exterior and interior of a house. Specifically, the Baltic brown granites can be used in wall cladding, slab works, flooring, and even in monumental art.

Fourth, we have the Giallo Fiorito granites. These are course grained rocks that are also homogenous granites that have a yellowish color. If you would get these types of granite, you will also notice that color of the center would be lighter and would range from beige to grey. If you are into this type of granite, you can surely get them because their availability is quite high.

Lastly, we have the tan brown granite. These types of granite are colored blue and brown. They also have some sort of brown flowered design to it. This look makes it best to use them in facades and in construction details. However, the general use of these granite rocks are for flooring, kitchen counters, table tops and even cladding and slab works. If you have this granite rock in your home, the best thing to ensure its beauty would be to keep it glossy and clean. However, you can also get these types of granites that have river washed finish, flamed, and even honed.