Types Of Govt With Definitions

There are various types of governments with definitions that vary over time and space. It is important to know about some, if not all of them, to analyze our own government and how successful it has been. ‘TypesOf.com’ brings you some of the major types of government with definitions to help you in such an analysis.

* Democracy: This is one of the most important types of government with definitions that have had a plenty of variety. Where Abraham Lincoln had stated that it is as a government ‘by the people, for the people, of the people’, today, democracy is mainly understood as the rule of the majority. This government system includes an election of representatives from various sections of the society in order to govern them. This works on a principle that only people from sections of the society would know what their section needs are, and hence, would be able to govern themselves and be able to provide for themselves in a better way. However, one drawback of this system of the government is that distinctions within those sections of the society created by minority groups are ignored in favour of the majority, and hence, minorities usually get sidelined.

* Dictatorship: This is one of the most autocratic types of government with definitions that most definitely include the mention of an absolute rule by either an individual or an authoritarian party. Such a government is highly efficient as a rule by an individual or an oligarchical rule does not involve long bureaucratic procedures when it comes to passing and implementing of laws. The decision making is also quicker because it is only one person or a very small group of people who need to decide upon laws. However, a major setback of such a government system is that most of the time, it is very oppressive towards the majority. It serves the interest of no one but the dictator, and if the interest of the majority does not collude with that of the dictator, then the laws are perceived as being oppressive towards the majority. One major example of such a government is Hitler’s rule of Germany between World Wars 1 and 2.

* Monarchy: This is one of the types of government with definitions that help place it firmly in the past. There are not many existing pure monarchies in the contemporary world. There are examples of a part monarchical rule in today’s world, the most prominent one being the British government system, which is a Constitutional Monarchy in nature. Monarchy subscribes to the system of Feudalism, which is practically extinct now. In a monarchy, the king is the central authority, which a group of advisors, which were known as nobles. It was on the advice of his nobles that the king passed laws. While this is not dissimilar to dictatorship, in this form of government, the king is seen to have a divine right to rule and the succession depended on heritage rather than the ability to rule.

These are the three major types of government with definitions to elaborate their agenda and method of execution.