Types Of Government Today

There are different types of government today and these exist all around the world. Initially the form of governance was mostly monarchic which means that most states were ruled by kings, queens or their offspring who eventually became kings and queens after their parents died. Dictators, too, were common (Napoleon being an example) and you will still see that dictatorship is one of the most prevalent types of government today. Monarchs still exist but they aren’t as assertive as they used to be and those countries where monarchs do exist, their powers have been limited by constitutions in most countries.

One of the most common types of government today is the democratic form of governance. This type of governance mainly focuses upon what ‘the people’ want. In democratic governments the people in power recognize the fact that power is given to them by their electors- the people and hence, the nature of democracy is consolidated into the saying ‘for the people, by the people’. This form of governance exists in the USA which is known to be one of the most democratic countries in the world.

Types of government today may differ from region to region. In Saudi Arabia you would, for example, see that the monarchy is still important and the constitution is Islamic in nature. You will come across a lot of diversity where stores and people are concerned but the rules are still made by the monarchy and this has been the case since centuries now.

Another of the various types of government today is dictatorship. This form of governance was existent in Pakistan in its earlier years and the last dictator was General Pervez Musharraf. Zia-ul-Haq, and Ayub Khan are earlier examples of dictators. The difference between dictatorship and monarchy is that in the former control is taken by the army and the dictator makes laws and rules while in the latter monarchy- a family- makes the laws and the rules and once the current ruler dies, he or she is succeeded by his or her offspring. This does not happen in dictatorships.

Of all the types of government today the most negative is considered to be aristocracy where the rich ‘rule’ from the parliament or legislature and makes policies and regulations without caring about how it would affect the people of the country- the electors. It is believed that in this type of governance the main thing that the ‘rulers’ focus on is the benefit they get from making policies. That is why the word ‘aristocracy’ is used in a negative way.

The types of government today may consist of democratic and monarchic elements. In the United Kingdom, for example, though there is a Parliament and people are allowed to vote, the Queen still has to give her consent by signing the Bill before it can be enacted and considered to be an Act officially by convention though this could and may change in future since it hasn’t been restricted by the law or legislature thus far.