Types Of Government Regulation

Some aspects of the country are regulated by the government of a country- different countries may regulate different aspects and departments in the country and there are different types of government regulation. Regulations are in place in order to manage and handle certain aspects because they are important for the general good of the public and anyone who makes use of these factors and aspects. There are regulations for water, electricity and many other aspects which enable the government to ensure that everything in the country is handled well.

There are certain types of government regulation for foods and medicine. This is because the government wants to ensure that people receive food of good quality and medicines that are beneficial rather than harmful. Have you ever heard or seen how food inspectors go to restaurants and the first place they go to is the kitchen? That is because these guys ensure that the standard of the food is healthy and that they comply with the general types of governmental regulation. If a restaurant does not follow the standards and regulations set by the government, the restaurant could be shut down or the government could sue them. In some countries pork and alcohol isn’t allowed and the restaurants must abide by the government rules or they could be shut down too.

Where those types of government regulation are concerned that are related to the way medicines are made, the government ensures that the medicines made for people who have a certain disease are made as per FDA regulations. Sometimes some governments order a company to discontinue the production of certain materials as they may not be healthy. Ephedrine, for example, is not allowed in some countries because it is believed that it could be harmful for people who may have heart problems. Also only certain amounts of some drugs are to be put in drug pills. You know how you need to have a prescription to get Xanax? That’s due to the regulations set by the government.

Communications is another department for which there are certain types of government regulation. What all you’re allowed to see on the internet, the software that you are allowed to use as per legal stipulations and rules, the kind of shows and channels that are shown on cable and/or your dish- these are all regulated by certain types of government regulation. Nudity, pornographic material and such like are not allowed as per the various types of government regulation.

There are certain types of government regulation for trade too. The government decides when the country is allowed to trade, what it is allowed to trade and how much of a product it can trade with another country. Customs check what is being traded with other countries and if companies do not trade as per the many types of government regulation they may be fined heavily, shut down or they may be sued by the government as well. There are also certain types of government regulation for water and air.