Types Of Government Of India

India is generally a democratic country whereby, despite the existence of corruption, there are various types of government of India. Each government has its own nature, policies and ways of implementing their policies but all governments do consider it important to follow the constitution. There is a parliament in the country where laws are made, amended, abrogated or repealed and the votes of the people do matter. Elections are important and one would see a major turn out on Election Day in the country because of the fact that people are aware of their constitutional right in the region.

There are two main types of government– local and federal government. The federal government is responsible for certain factors- those that are related to defense, finance, budget and taxes and other policies of the sort. These are made in the Parliament and then have to be implemented in each state by the state themselves. These states have local governments which are meant to implement the legislature’s will and how they do so is dependent upon them. The local governments help regulate the law. These types of government of India play an important role in making it easier for the federal government to ensure that the law is implemented properly.

Think of the two governments as you would of the governments in the US- the federal government is in charge of the budgeting and taxes and defense and foreign policies- who is to spend how much on taxes and how the taxes are to be cut from incomes and how the interest rates are to be charged are all factors that are handled by the center- the federal government. That is how the types of government in India are too. The federal government decides upon what policies to make for whom and how these policies are to apply.

Of the two types of government of India the local governments are allowed to implement the rules, regulations and policies but within certain confinements and with certain restriction that are decided upon by the Indian Parliament. The local government cannot breach these or serious steps may be taken to ensure that the government’s policies are abided by and implemented properly. The types of government in India, though democratic and loved by most people, is also said to be corrupt and greedy in some cases and you will recently have seen a hunger strike led by famous actors and involving important figures and actors and actresses was lead in the country. These guys were demanding that the types of government in India be loyal to the people and avoid corrupt practices. A famous Indian actor, Amir Khan, was involved in the hunger strike as well.

The state and religion are considered to be separate here and so the types of government in India are liberal in the sense that though religion is important here, it does not affect the way policies are made, the nature of the policy or such like. This is impressive especially because of the fact that India is home to so many minorities.