Types Of Government List

Since the beginning of time, regulations and orders have been observed by people to maintain peace and order in the country and eventually governments evolved to further this cause although in some forms to oppress the citizens.

Totalitarian- The types of government list includes totalitarian. It is a very conservative type of government and a total police state in which the rulers control aspects of public life in observance of economic ideal or patriotism. The citizens are subordinate to the rules of the rulers wherein any opposition or political dissent from political groups and individuals respectively are punished with the use of torture and thwarted with the use of propagandas. The former USSR and Italy during the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini advocated totalitarianism.

Oligarchy- With the society split into two classes which are the poor and the rich, this is one of the types of government list where the power resides in the rich who rule the poor. This government type is usually under the control of the small wealthy class from the finance, military or wealthy families.

Monarchy- This is one of the types of government list in which the government is ruled by one person from the royalty which is called the king who is regarded as the head of state. This type of rule is passed on to the next generation. The country having such rule is called a kingdom. Examples of such government are in Oman, Swaziland and Brunei.

Theocracy- The types of government list include theocracy which refers to a religious body consisting of priests that governs through the observance of its religious beliefs. Those who are authorized to rule are its members. An example is Vatican City.

Dictatorship- Dictatorship is one of the types of government list where the state’s welfare is prioritized more than the individual’s welfare. In dictatorship the power absolutely resides in a group, political party or a single person, and brutal force is administered to display its power. As its name implies, the ruler dictates his subjects. The perfect example is Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship.

Democracy- The types of government list include democracy in which fair elections are held in choosing the government officials. Individual freedom based on the government laws is the essence of democracy. Basic rights as well as human rights are given to the citizens.

Communism- With the state producing everything, this is one of the types of government list in which the people do not own any personal holdings. Citizens share equal social and economic status as well as the benefits acquired. Whatever is produced by the state is given to each person according to his need.

Aristocracy- This is one of the types of government list which is considered as the ‘rule of the best,’ in which the power resides in the hands of the few elite. The privilege originates from affluent families with prominent and long lineage. This government type was created by the two Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato since the rule of government leaders that are unqualified and their corrupted rule did not appeal to them both.