Types Of Government Lesson Plan

There are many Types Of Government Lesson Plan. The study of government is vital to all citizens since it tackles general ideas on government, citizenship and politics. The students are required to learn about the government as early as in elementary since lesson plans are basically prepared to give an idea about their country. Various types of government lesson plan are incorporated in the curriculum. Teachers especially use different instruction methods to familiarize the students about the role and purpose of government. The various types of government lesson plan have objectives which include preparing students for properly exercising their rights as individual citizens. Teaching government successfully requires the formulation of proper types of government lesson plan. Therefore, it is only important to observe all types of government lesson plan provided below to make learning about the government not only informative but also interesting for students of all ages.

Survey-This is one of the types of government lesson plan which is considered a good way to give them an introductory overview of the government. Government has many types, branches and levels which make its scope broad and a topic that is potentially intimidating, so a survey is appropriate for this type of study. Students are able to differentiate by contrasting and comparing the various types of political systems and government. Survey also includes studying the relationships and differences of the USA government’s three branches.

Games- Games are always fun and should be considered as one of the types of government lesson plan that should be performed once in a while since they are powerful tools. Game-show or board game lesson plans encourage a good-spirited competition while the students learn. ‘The U.S. Constitution Power Grab Game’ is an example of a lesson plan that teaches principles and facts about government in a purely fun setting. Online games like ‘Cyber Nations,’ matching games, word search and flash cards are examples of games for government study.

Research-Research as one of the types of government lesson plan requires skills in critical thinking. By researching, the students are able to learn facts about the government through investigating. A simple research of facts may include filling in several blanks with names of women and men in office now, famous politicians or historical facts. Critical thinking skills are also developed as the students examine various perspectives of specialized governmental events, processes and institutions. Critical thinking skills and facts are required as well in the research of the formulation of the government foundation.

Interactive-The types of government lesson plan include the interactive type. Government lessons to some if not most are difficult, dry or boring. Thus, it is a challenge to get the one hundred percent attention of students. This however can be addressed by incorporating interactive activities and games aside from individual work. Lesson plans about the government to become engaging should be filled with artistic and group projects, computer games, engaging videos, color-imbued slide shows, printable worksheets and games. Try organizing a field trip for the class as well to familiarize the students with the capitol building as well as courthouse in their city and for them to have a chance to interact with the government officials.