Types Of Government In Greece

There are three main types of government in Greece. You see, Greece is a very nice country. But there are many different issues that are happening there because of many different reasons. This is why there are many people who are looking to get to know and understand the types of government in Greece.

Monarchy is among the main types of government in Greece. In monarchies, there is a king that rules the land. In this case, there is a king that rules Greece. The second types of government in Greece are called oligarchies. Here, the country was governed by a small group of people. The third types of government in Greece are democracies. As you may already know, democracies occur when the people or citizens are the ones ruling the country.

Aside from the three types of government in Greece, there are many other types of governments that are worth understanding. This is so that you will be able to identify which of these can be applied to your country as the most effective. This way, you will be able to have a government that is fair and equal to all – something that everyone of us wants.

A republic is a democracy wherein the people who govern the place are elected by the people. It is basically a branch of democracy as here the people will be the ones to decide who will rule or govern their country.

Totalitarianism is a government wherein the government is the one that controls everything. Communism, on the other hand, is a government wherein there is no private ownership involved. The government or community owns everything and the people living there share these things with each other. Here, beliefs are imposed and if people do not agree to these things they will be punished or even sometimes killed. A common example of this will be the Nazis of Germany.

Aristocracy pertains to the government that is ruled by, as the name implies, aristocrats. The aristocrats are the wealthiest people in the land or country. Before, there are countries that are rules by aristocracy but these days there are none.

Dictatorship is a type of government that is run by one person, the dictator. This person took the place of dictator by force too. The dictator is known to have absolute power over the entire country that he is governing. In these types of government, the people do not have a voice. As a matter of fact, only the dictator has a voice and what he wants he will get.

Government is technically thin ice to run. There are many things that should be considered as you will have to think of the entire country. However, if you have the right support, then you can easily be able to do so. This is the goal of republics and democracies. As the leaders are elected and voted by the people, they have their support and hence they will be able to govern the country without any problems.