Types Of Government Dictatorship

There are different types of government dictatorship. A dictatorship is an authoritarian or autocratic form of government whereby an individual, a party, or an oligarchy takes over the affairs and takes charge of ruler ship. It is a contrast to the democratic system of government whereby the people elect their representatives and have the right to vote against them. They can either be elected or impose themselves on the people (in the case of military dictatorship). The following are the different types of government dictatorship:

Military dictatorship

This type of dictatorship is a system whereby a military takes charge of government and controls the affairs of the community. A military dictator can be seen as an autocratic ruler with absolute power vested on him by himself or the military. This is one of the types of government dictatorship that were prevalent in most developing countries in Africa after their independence.

Normally, the military ruler ascends into power through a coup d’_