Types Of Government Defenition

Government is the term used to define a body that sets regulations and guidelines for the proper working of a state or a country. The different types of government definition are:

* Confederal

* Federal

* Hegemony

* Imperial

* Unitary


The types of government definition given to a permanent union of different political units that work for taking a common action is called as confederation. The governments formed by treaty or other agreements later adopt or construct a constitution and function according to it later on. Even though these types of governments decentralize many functions to the member states of the confederation, critical affairs such as currency or defense will be handled by the central government. A lot of people are not sure about these types of government definition.


The political entity formed by uniting or bringing together the local self-governing states is the types of government definition given to a federation. Even though the local self-governments are given so many privileges for making their own decisions and regulations in the respective states, they are not permitted to implement any decision that can challenge the central constitution. Ethnicity and language of the constituent states is not a concern for federal types of governments and there are many federal governments that are multi ethnic and multi lingual. Even though different states have different culture and lifestyle, they all come to mutual agreement in matters concerning the common interest of the federation. Hence, these types of government definition are a broad area to understand.


In such types of government definitions, the government system is defined as a system in which a particular state rules the entire country. The states, which are geopolitically connected, will be administered by the leader state, which uses their political powers for that. These types of government definition in the earlier times were given to the system in which a particular country dominated other countries in terms of culture, politics and geography. The erstwhile soviet union was an example for a hegemonic government that existed in 20th century. Apart from political hegemony, cultural hegemony is another form of hegemony.


Monarchy is the types of government definition that define a system of government in which the authority over the state solely depends on a particular individual. The sovereign power to control and regulate matters concerned with the state remains with the person who will be called as the monarch or the king.

There are a few monarchies in which the country also follows a written constitution and has an elected body that has a few privileges in administering the country and these types of governments are called as constitutional monarchies.


The government system, in which the whole country is treated as one single unit, carries these types of government definition. The rules and regulations made by the central government will be applicable to the whole country and states do not have any privilege in implementing any decisions.