Types Of Government Corruption

Every government in the world is generally blamed for some form of corruption or the other and there are several types of government corruption. Usually when people hear the words government and corruption thrown together they assume it has something to do with money. In some cases it does while in others it doesn’t have so much to do with money but more to do with other benefits that could be masked by labeling the subject matter to be something ‘given out of good will’ or ‘to support their efforts’ and such like. In other cases this may be true though.

One of the most obvious types of government corruption is known as electoral fraud. See, every country has a board that is in charge of setting regulations and terms regarding expenditure for elections and these boards are usually to keep a close on what is going on in the elections and around the election time period. In some cases the present government of any country may ask the board to increase their votes or to bring it up to a level that it would allow them to win. Some of the votes would be fake. This is quite common.

Bribery is another form of the various types of government corruption. What happens in these cases is that one government may need or want something which they would not be allowed to get or acquire due to international laws and transparency due to the media. What they then do is that they bribe one another and give large amounts of money in illegal ways. In some cases this may be given in the form of grants and such like or in other cases the amount may simply be deposited into a secret bank account of the government.

Nepotism is also one of the many types of government corruption where a government appoint certain people and gives them high-ranking positions in the government though because of their merits and capabilities but because of favoritism. Sometimes some people in the government may have been ‘schoolmates’ and so, they tend to give preference to someone who has studied in the same university or school as them. In other cases it could be because “He’s a good old friend and knows his job”- preference is given to someone because of high regards for someone but not on the basis of their merits.

Another of the various types of government corruption is in the form of ‘organized crimes’. This happens when government officials of one country or those belonging to different countries tend to join hands in order to “get the dirty work done” and this is typically prevalent in South America. More subtle forms of these types of government corruption exist in other areas too.

These are just some of the many types of government corruption that go on behind the scenes and have not yet been discovered. These methods are used while evading legal stipulations and in breach of international law as well.